African American Cultural Evolution

What is culture. Culture is ethnic qualities in which a specific race collectively shares through their speech, actions, beliefs, and ideology. Every race has this sense of culture, some newer than others but in some way, shape, or form it is present. However, some races culture consists of the oppression of others. Starting in the 15th century, slavery throughout Africa was initiated by Portuguese explorers and this practice spread among the culture of many different races, although most of them bare the similar features of pilgrimage and white skin. Furthermore, the victims were predominantly races of darker skin such as Africans, Indians, Jamaicans, and a variety of other races. In this case the race oppressed are the Africans. The act of slavery mutilated every sense of cultural fundamentals known to man. This act of extreme assimilation went on for 254 years in America, stripping the slaves of their home, their freedom, and most importantly their culture. The end of slavery did not mark the birth of the African American culture but the beginning point of rehabilitation of what was the most renown culture on the face of the earth.As of today it has been 140 years since slavery has been abolished. Only 140 years that the enslaved people of America has had to restore what was once a flourishing culture. With myself being a part of this culture I would have to commend the African American race of what they have accomplished so far. With that being said what achievements are to come, what does the future hold for this broken culture, how will cultural evolution change the race of African Americans for the better.

The African American country did not originate in America. The origins of this culture come from Africa however, slavery has severed the culture from its roots and faded it of its true colors. The first component of the African American culture that we have to take into consideration in order to predict what the culture has in store, is the setbacks that have formed against it. Since slavery was abolished on December 6th, 1865 there have been a continuous struggle for the African American people to live their life of freedom in peace and harmony. Hundreds if not thousands of plans, scandals, and even laws have been used for the oppression of minorities in America, in particular African Americans. For example, as I read from the book “Race, Remembering, and Jim Crow’s Teachers. Studies in African American History and Culture”, the experience of teachers within segregated schools is considered and a whole new perspective comes to fruition. The assumption was made that the segregated schools were inferior to the white schools. This notion was disproven when the segregated schools were proven to have “good values amount the student, teachers, and community members” (Kelly Hilton, Abstract). The subjugation of the African Americans education plays a huge role in the oppression of their culture. However, this is not the only malicious act taken out upon this race such as Jim Crow laws, racism, and inequality. Despite all of these setbacks African Americans have accomplished so much in so little time, so what does the future hold.

In the next one hundred years how will the culture of African Americans have changed, what will we have accomplished? These are some questions you might be asking yourself. Well just take a look at what we have accomplished so far. Since slavery was abolished in 1865 African Americans have exceeded in nearly every aspect of success created by the American society. They have fought for their rights to compete in society, and even then excelling in athletics and entertainment in the face of the disparity they faced. They have unnecessarily proven themselves worthy to be accepted in American by making numerous positive contributions to society. They have established themselves religiously, socially, and even made their mark politically with the likes of an African American president, who has serves two full terms. to All of this was done despite the hardship they faced and still face today.

With that being said, the African American culture has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. The possibilities are endless and somewhat in the favor of African Americans with so much progress being made in the little time that has passed. They have been beaten to a whole new low which means the only way from here is up.

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