Hike You Own Hike

Thoughts on Avoiding Information Overwhelm

From a young age I always had a habit of clearing my plate. Grandparents applauded my ability to finish meals. Somehow I acquired the mentality: “finish what you start.” Eventually I found my way into reading lots of books. “Finish what you started became a curse.”

I started to read a lot, mostly non-fiction. I would get book after book. I checked out 4–5 books at a time from the local library. I ordered 4+ books from online stores at once. Then, the guilt struck. Quick! race through the pages urgently to not get left behind.

The guilt comes from having started a bunch of things and never finishing. You have this desire to reach the last page of the text, even though the content is entirely unexciting to you. You suffer through those pages painfully and slowly without stopping to ask: “why am I doing this to myself?”

Hike your own hike means going your own pace. You don’t need to race through the pages. Enjoy each word if you like. If you’re no longer excited, just put it down. This applies to other media too; YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, articles, etc. It’s okay to not finish. You can always come back later. Let go.

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