how to turn tiny problems into million $$ mindset

Today I spent 1 hour fixing issues around my house that I have tolerated for years. I am so good at brushing off inconveniences. I can brush them off until I forget they are there. Before long, a bunch of tiny problems compound into one giant problem.

*Acknowledge Tolerated Inconvenience*
Fixing broken stuff feels good. Making a list of broken stuff to fix even feels good. You have to accept the work that needs to be done. And then, you have to stop tolerating inconvenience. The good news is: it is in your power to do something about it.

My good friend Miles shared this technique. Grab a pen and paper. Walk around your house/apartment/domicile/dwelling, visiting each room. In each room write down a list of what bothers you. Give it a good, hard look. Don’t forget to include the closets, garage, back yard, front yard, sides; leave no stone unturned. That feels great!

*Acknowledge Psyche Wounds*
Humans treat their psyche the same way. Little wounds and fractures build up over months and years. If not repaired/healed these tiny problems compound into a massive problem. If you look hard you will never stop discovering new psychological wounds.

Remember that kindergarten teacher that made you cry for not knowing how to properly finger-paint pictures of cats? Yea, you thought that burn was long gone. Think again.

*Upgrade Your Problems*
Imagine yourself with your kids at the counter of an ice cream shop. For minutes on end, you all stare at the dozens of flavor choices. You simply cannot decide which flavor you want. This is a high quality problem!

A lot of our problems are just like ice cream indecision; you could call them first-world problems. When you put them in perspective, the problem is minuscule. You take for granted that you don’t need to worry about finding toilets, shelter, food, shoes, or any other basic needs. By keeping perspective you can upgrade your tiny problems into a million dollar mindset, a mindset of abundance and not fear.