Rosebank, Cape Town.

I took an L, a big one, “I’ll bounce back surely”, I told myself. The end of year results got published, I progressed adequately, 6/8 courses passed, not bad for a first year student at an Ivy League university coming from a standard public school and never considered as one of the top ten students in that school, still amazes me how I made it. However this distinct accomplishment failed to engulf the visceral embarrassment from failing to execute my plan. UCT was the bridge across the sea, staying at university was never my intention & now it seemed as it would become a thing in my life.


Still quite optimistic and proactive about life, I went on, I met people, great people, people who also lost out on their sense of purpose and were trying to realign. We told our stories to each other, fell in love with the paths each one of us had embarked on to reach the present moment, we were highly ambitious.

It is true, you do attract what you give out to the universe

We made plans, submerged our identities to a singular purpose, chased goals, get riches, make a name. We basked in our egos, told ourselves we were the chosen ones. T-Junccion was the name of the conglomerate, all our names started with T’s. We all came from different directions and met at the T-Junccion, became Together-Junccion, while working to reach Top-Junccion and our fans would get Trapped-in the-Junccion. Yet all this time I was questioning my own stake in this, feeling doubtful, I chose to partake in the flow, once in a lifetime flow that I am grateful for experiencing, we were in sync, our thoughts & actions in harmony, book sessions, ideation, progress, focus, focus focus.

And suddenly my soul coughed out incendiaries to my nearly-put out fire within, my fire to live & conquer, my african potential, the burning desire so strong.

12 Apostles, Cape Town.

The experience of life in this sphere was carving me bit by bit, the shrooms, lsd, molly, psychedelics that opened me up viscerally to newfound valleys & fountains that I never knew existed. Figuratively I felt deep within me as if there was a bench been constructed, a bench for me to sit down and bond with my thoughts, self-knowledge. Still Le’ Junccion ensued, big dreams we had, profound work ethic, we were going to be the greatest to ever grace this world from Africa, we aimed to be wealthy rockstars, innovative eccentric rockstars, educated rockstars, the contradictions seemed highly attractive. Le Junccion was turning out to be my hope of glory, Le Junccion my affinity, Le Junccion my salvation, Le’ Junccion………