Lost Identity in a Brainwashed Nation

“….One Nation under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all.” This is what is promised to every American person, but is this really promising to us all? Nathan Hare expressed in “Brainwashing of Black Men’s Minds,” that black men were brainwashed into condoning white supremacy. Hare puts emphasis how the nation has been subjected into learning that white symbolizes purity and black means evil and deceiving. Throughout history blacks have been restricted from the rest of the world because of white supremacy and Nathan Hare shines the light on how.

African Americans have lost the most, more than any other ethnicity in history and that lost is identity. For 245 years our people have been subjected to slavery, serving somebody else unwillingly. Even today, many years after slavery African Americans were still forced into oppression and injustice. Incarceration rates, unemployment, unstable housing, and no education has been the identity of our race. White people have been brainwashed and only taught how to tear down a black man not how to build one up. There is a major need of a criminal justice reform and opportunity in this country. Instead of sending my people to jail then letting them out with nothing more than what they come in with this nation needs intervention, support, and love. Otherwise, the cycle will continue of helpless people going in and out of jail and more money will be wasted to build prisons instead of schools.

It is clear that our nation is in need of a full reform. Lost identity, broken promises, and unfair treatment have been ignored for too long now. Especially in the African American community, who has always been mistreated since the birth of the nation till now. People here are brainwashed on the concept “this is how it’s supposed to be,” when in reality it’s not. History has been taught wrong all this time and brainwashing of white supremacy has been passed along within generations. When are my people going to be treated equally and stop fighting? My people have been fighting since they came here on ships unwillingly from Africa. There’s been so much bloodshed of my people in this country for it not to be dignified and united by now. America has been hostile to my people for a while now and it’s time to get our identity back and end this war.

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