8 things you need to know before buying compression socks

Compression socks are used for variety of purposes. Depending upon your requirements you should buy compression socks. These socks improve the amount of blood flow in the arteries of your feet and legs. If you spend most of your time sitting you should buy compression socks to avoid pain in your legs.

Check the quality of material

Check the quality of material before you buy the compression socks for travel. The material may be not elastic enough to provide you the type of compression you want for a long distance travel. The material will be continuously stick to your legs and can cause itching and skin problems if it uses some cheap quality material.

Style of socks matters

· There are socks available in the market in varying styles. The one with ankle length is good for people who are having a clot or swelling near that area. This type of socks affect the target area. These are not generally good compression socks for travel.
· The socks which are up to knee length are general purpose and are generally worn by aged people who are suffering from joint pains and leg pains. They can easily be used as best compression socks for travel.

Compression Level is the major criteria

Buy compression socks by the type of compression it offers. The compression level is of three types:

· 15–20 mmHg
You should buy this type of compression socks for travel.The reason is that they provide a normal compression for an average user who is not suffering from any medical problems and has to sit for long hours while travelling or while in office.
· 20–30 mmHg
If you are an athlete and you spend most of your time doing physical activities like running, cycling and other sports which involve continuous running like hockey, you should buy compression socks of this type.
· 30–40 mmHg
If you are suffering from venous insufficiency or edema you should buy compression socks of this type. The swelling in your leg can be prevented as it will improve the blood circulation and hence you will be free from any type of clot or swelling.

Compression socks for long flights

If you have been travelling a lot off late you should buy compression socks online .This will help you to prevent the strain caused you continuous sitting in the long distance flights. There are wide range of options available at different online stores so that you can buy best compression socks for travel.

So above was a brief on what to look for before buying the compression socks. As it turns out that these socks have a wide range of benefits for different types of users. People who are suffering from some medical problem should not use it without any medical subscription as it can have damaging effect for their bodies if not used properly. It is a boon for athletes to avoid pain that arises while running.