Super Bowl Ad Analysis

The ad I choose to discuss was Honda big game commercial. I found this ad to be very interesting and thought that Honda did a fantastic job creating this ad. Ad’s are an interesting piece of advertising and I think its crazy how much company's will spend on ads but i do understand why they do it. Ads are expensive but the exposure you get is immense and can greatly help your product. With the Honda ad they did an interesting thing by bringing in celebrities and talking about their dreams from when they were in school. The ad was selling the CV-R 2017 by talking about chasing your dreams and that this car is the car of your dreams. I found this ad to be successful in drawing attention because it brought in celebrities in an interesting way that gave a look into the past of their childhood in a fun way for people. I do not think that the ad will help in sales however because the ad did not mention anything about a car until the last 20 seconds so i feel that the car is hidden within the ad. The only thing that could sell the car would be it subconsciously being there when you think of the company. Personal i enjoyed the commercial but i do believe that Honda spent to much money to make it and show it during the super bowl.