Hate/Hate war between people and police..

Today, January 15, 2015 there’s this war going on outside, cops verse the people that aren’t cops. Which is crazy, you see police rolling around in tanks and walking with M16’s down Main Street and as a citizen you’re like what? They can do that? You get scared, you get worried, and you get mad. There are so many people walking around that are just out and out scared of cops, I’m one of them, I personally have never had a bad run in with law enforcement but when I notice a cop is behind me I think, he could pull me over, and that could be the last of me. Is that right? I’m from LA, crips and bloods and 18s and MS13s, I went to school where there was one of the biggest riots in Los Angeles, right? But the police is what scares me. It’s like a systematical impregnation of information that is fed to make me hate. And hate what? Hate a person that I’ve never met, a cop, a uniform, I dislike and am scared of someone before any interaction. That by definition is prejudice, I feel I’m very open minded and excepting of people, so admitting to something like that is hard. I have a prejudice toward police. I know that I’m not the only person that feels this way. And we cannot, we also cannot let police do wrong, but we cannot hate them without reason, we cannot hate a person without reason. I know the biggest way to solve this issue is empathy; we have to empathize with people wearing the uniform. I sat down with a good friend of mine and talked to him about becoming a cop, how it is during this time a tension, and what makes him want to put on that uniform everyday.

What’s you name?

Omar Pacheco


Sheriff Safety Aide for the Alameda County Sheriffs Office

How far up in the force do you want to be?

My main goal to achieve in the field of law enforcement is to join the canine unit and the SWAT team. However I do see myself going higher than that once I get a little older like joining the command staff and becoming a police Sergeant.

When did you figure out you wanted to be a cop? And like why?

Ever since I was 12 years old I knew I wanted to be a police officer. A huge part of that was because my brother also wanted to become a police officer and naturally as a younger brother you tend to want to be like your older brother. As I got older though I actually began thinking if being a police officer is really what I wanted to be or was it just because of my brother. The determining factor was dad’s side of the family. Many of my family members from that side are on the opposite side of the law. My father is a drug addict, My grandfather has been in prison my whole life and most of my uncles and cousins are in gangs. Growing up I felt my last name was soiled. Being a “Pacheco” was seen as a bad thing. So now my brother and I are going to change that. I want to be able to change people’s lives and truly help my community. By doing that being a “Pacheco” will now be a positive thing.

How does it make you feel when like your peers give you shit about it? Like in my case when I tell you, you’re going to go to the police academy and learn all those snitch tactics?

Honestly my friends making fun of me for wanting to become a police officer does not affect me at all. When it comes to your friends you have to know that shit talking is part of being friends. Shit talking is always going to happen and if you get upset over it then being friends is out of the picture. You cannot take it seriously because you know that at the end of the day they are the ones that have your back. I know that all you guys support me in achieving my career goals so the shit I get from all of you is just funny.

If I played ‘Fuck the Police’ by NWA in the middle of a party would you feel uncomfortable?

Derogatory music towards the police does not make me feel uncomfortable. A lot of the artist and songs that I listen to has a negative attitude towards police officers. If you like hip-hop and rap music you have to learn to accept that there will be songs showing their hatred towards police officers. You have to understand that many of these artist growing up had a lot of negative confrontation with the police so they show that through their music. The song is not meant towards me directly so I do not mind hearing that in music.

We’re young ya know and like it’s interesting to think that being a cop is something people want to do, you said you’ve wanted to be a cope for a while and from my point coming from LA dealing with the LAPD I would never ever think being a cop is a good career choice, ya know, but you did where do you think the opinions differ, or like why do I think one way and you think the other?

I think maybe it has to do with the confrontations that we have both had with police officers. I do not know about every time you came in contact with a police officers but I do know that most people that hate cops is because they had a negative experience with the police or know someone that was screwed over because of the police. In my cases since I have been involved with the police in a positive way. Ever since I was 12 I have done a lot of community service with the police and the jobs that I have had in law enforcement gave me a different point of view of law enforcement. I have gotten to know police officers on a more personal level and have seen for myself that there is truly good cops out there. I feel like there is more good cops than bad. So my opinion for them is not soiled when I seen something on the news of a cop that messed up.

I know you and your brother well and you guys are both kind of floating the same boat, both cops, both in some long term relationships, both have your own houses before ya’ll were 25, crazy world, what makes y’all so career driven, how did you guys get put on the right track?

I think we both got our work ethics from our mom. I was raised by a single mother who always provided for us and growing up I saw how hard she worked in order to support our family. She raised us to know that going to school and getting a good job was important. Also my brother and I did not want to follow in the steps of our father. Growing up we were able to see both sides. With my mom we saw the positive effects of staying in school and working hard to get a good job. With my dad we saw what your life is like if you don’t finish school and turn to drugs. My mom had a good job and a loving family and my dad was a homeless junkie that was in and out of jail. So that became a huge motivation to become better than our father.

I know both of your guys and I think you guys would be some good cops, I don’t think either of you to would be out there on some Training Day shit. I know there are plenty of cops out there that are good guys, why do you think that there’s such a bad rep for cops?

The bad rep towards cops has everything to do with the media. The media is the number one cause for all this hatred going around. What the media does is tell stories that are one sided in order to get more viewers. You can never get the full story when you watch the news. So all you hear about is cops doing bad things or them making mistakes whereas they never report on positive things that police officers do. No one really cares about a police department hosting a fundraiser but as soon as a cop shoots someone it is all over the news. Also most of the times they make the police officers seem as if they are in the wrong when they actually just did their job. I am not justifying any of the recent shootings I am talking about in general. So when they media reports that a cop killed an innocent man no one knows the whole story but they all jump to conclusions that the officer was in the wrong.

I’m not going to ask you what you would have done in the recent situations because you’re still working on your career and I don’t want you to say that wrong thing and have it jeopardize anything, but what I do want to ask you is do you think that the way news and other social outlets play these stories out to the public force you to take aside? And to follow that up does it help or hurt the situation?

The media definitely makes you choose sides. most of the times they make these cases race related so if you take the side of the police officer now you are seen as racist. If you take the side of the victim you hate cops. What about people who just want justice and not to take sides? This is devastating to our nation we are being torn apart by the propaganda that the media is posting. If the media really wanted to help they would stop spreading around all of this hate. If we want to see change we need to come together and seek justice but that is not done by rioting and looting. That shit is stupid and ignores the issue nothing gets fixed by doing that. All we are doing is stealing things from someone who had no control over what happened and destroying peoples business. Instead we just all need to come together as a community and unite with the police in order to find the officers that maybe shouldn’t be cops and rid them so that the corruption stops.

Do you think that every experience with a cop should be treated differently? For example if you were hassled by one cop one day and then got pulled over by another should you or would be an asshole to him? It’s really interesting because the same way people tell people to not be racist you could say that some people hate all cops no matter who they are which could be a type of ‘ism’ how do you feel about that?

I do think people should treat every experience differently. Police officers are just people and as such they all have different personalities and different views on things. You can have an officer one day pull you over that is having a shitty day and be a complete dick and then the next get pulled over by an officer that is really chill and just wants to let you know your headlight is out then send you on your way. Most people that hate cops tend to be disrespectful to an officers right away which makes the officer give that same respect back. As any normal person would do. So these people only see that side of police officers. If people are just kind and respectful towards police officers 9 times out of 10 they will respect you back. Every police officer is different and they deserve to be treated that way. It’s very sad that the few officers that do mess up and are truly bad people ruin it for everyone else. It’s also sad that this hatred put a huge dived between citizens and police officers. We should be working together because we all have the same goals in mind to keep our communities safe. Yet there is this us vs. them mentality and it makes no sense.

No matter who you are someone somewhere down the line is going to hate you without even knowing you and by being a cop you upped that number considerably, and let’s be real you’re probably the nicest person I know how does that make you feel man?

Anyone who wants to go into law enforcement has to except that a lot of people are going to hate you for no reason. If this is something that truly bothers you then law enforcement is not for you. The way I look at it is that it is nothing personal they do not hate you they hate the uniform you are wearing. So who cares what people think. A police officer needs to be trained to be able to ignorer what people are going to say because it is part of the job. Even at the job I have now people talk shit all the time or just mean mug me but I do not care. It does not hurt my feelings in any way. These people do not know who I am they do not even know my name so why should I care what they think? I let them live their lives with hate while I go on having a great day. I think the best way to get over it is just to laugh about it. When I am at the airport writing a ticket and someone runs out and cusses me out I just laugh and become extra nice to them because it just pisses them off more. It makes getting yelled at pretty funny. I think this goes for anyone though when people hate you or talk shit but yet they do not know you then just take it with a gain of salt and move on.

A discussion between Omar Pacheco & Chase Meë..

Update: Omar is now a sworn in officer of the law.