Lost Keys..

What time is it? Shit supposed to be out of here fifteen minutes ago. Got big things planned for today

Shit people are calling

I got my nicest denim and they’re crispy, got this brand new shirt I bought at the last dunk exchange that some lame sold because it didn’t fit, got all white vans in the winter because I’m a rebel like that, I got a fresh cut but the barber didn’t edge my beard because it was 5 extra dollars but it doesn’t matter, this whole days is about to be lit, I even woke up before my alarm went off, because it’s that lit, the little voice in my head said today is going to be the day, well fuck everything is working out perfectly.


Until now

What did I do last night?

I was at Seans house we were shooting darts that were a little too close to the door, almost hit Ash in the face, it would have been funny, but not so much Sean is an EMT so it would have been straight, dude got all sorts of medical shit at his house. Last night was on, I kind of remember it but I don’t, shit, I know I drove, fuckin’ John was throwing up out his car, I wonder if Ash knows he was trying to smash, Ash-Smash, smashly, shit I’d smash too, she was giving me the eyes. Should have said something when she walked by me to get to the fridge, now that I think about it she drank my last coors lite, asshole, fuck her.

Anyways, where the fuck are –

Shit, ‘Hello? I know, be there soon, peace’

Scrambling around my room, not here, not there, fuck, okay when did I get home?

I had one of those Jack in the Box munchies meals, now that I think of it my fuckin’ stomach hurts, tarter melt sauce wasn’t on point

Seven and half minutes later –

Fuck, I’m, fuck. Phone rings, I ignore it this time. Okay I stumbled in and ate, well what was left, stopped at 6 lights only thing left was tacos, ate one, tossed the other, shit phones at 2% dammit.

-looks through message history-

oh shit, six different ‘you up?’ messages sent, fuck. Only one reply, text history full of straight Marvins Room level bricks; horny, lonely, drunk three states of mind that should always keep their exclusivity.

Okay well that’s done, anyways where are my –

Fuck, I have one flat elevated surface in my entire room and it’s completely cover with clothes, empty soda cups, condom rappers, I wonder how long this beer has been here, shit, fuck, hahah, I had this that night that one chick came over, damn, she was nice, why didn’t I keep talking to her? She was feeling me at that last function when I slide through with Pagille hoodie I only worn that night because some lame bricked and spilled his Lime-a-rita on it. She hit me with all types of game that night told me my whole cypher was on point from the dusted vans to the very broken-in Dodger fitted. Hmmm I miss her, but that was almost 6 months ago and this beer smells like a broken dream.

Sets beer can back in place –

I wore, this last night, okay, who’s number is this? Ehhh, tossed it down, shit it’s, fuck, okay, fuck it I’m just going to stay here, cologne hasn’t been applied, so I’m good, with it. What a waste.

Wait –



left them in hanging in the door,

Always losing my fuckin’ keys..