Point of You

Different ways and perspectives to see things

When You Look at Me

“Distance in a straight line has no mystery. The mystery is in the sphere.”

Thomas Mann, Joseph and His Brothers

There are so many ways and different perspectives to see things from. We think rationally to see them for what they really are, yet everyone looks at them through their own perspective.

At times it’s complicated to understand one another, and different points of view might often seem incompatible. Sometimes we are just alone together. We feel the need to build walls between ourselves, just to make our own vision more concrete. Perhaps, just to avoid questioning ourselves…?

We are not together

The point is, when you find yourself alone surrounded only by the plastic walls that you built around you, the only thing you can really do is face your naked self.

It’s very hard to always be honest, it involves taking risks. No man remains quite what he was when he is true to himself. Respecting your beliefs doesn’t mean being bound by them. Keeping an open mind and considering different perspectives doesn’t mean changing your mind, nor betraying yourself.

Know your enemy

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

Perhaps you should consider looking at yourself from another point of view, beyond the everyday masks. You should allow time to kindly erode those plastic walls keeping you from being true to yourself, at last…

Free your mind and your ass will follow

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