5 Hemp and CBD pet products we know your pet will like.

  1. Provida Health’s 600 mg Pet Drops- Your dog will feel the effects of this high quality formula. There is 20 mg of CBD per serving from full spectrum hemp extract. There is salmon oil and hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. Both of these carrier oils are rich with omega acids so they will be great for your dog’s coat, skin, and joints. With 600 mg of CBD per bottle this is a good formula for medium to larger dogs. Smaller dogs might want to try only…

An anonymous hemp consultant answers “5 questions” on the hard lessons learned from hemp farming.

One of the “Anonymous” hemp consultant small fields.

1- What are some of the bad things that happened to hemp farmers over the last couple years?

“The effects of hemp legalization in 2019 were wild beyond belief. Until 2019 the high CBD hemp supply in the U.S. was limited and commanded a price premium. In 2019 the Federal government legalized hemp production. Everyone thought that this was a huge win for the CBD industry. With many American farmers reeling from a trade war with China they looked for a golden goose in high CBD hemp.

With the limited supply of hemp, a short period of time to develop…

A series on our aging bodies and things to help age gracefully

As humans we age with time. So what are some of the best ways to age gracefully? A healthy diet. Regular exercise. Less sugar. Weekly massages. What does the human body need to heal?

If we don’t see the warning signs or try to avoid the vices of an unhealthy lifestyle, then the human body becomes diseased. It’s inevitable. When searching the internet, you’ll find hundreds of stories of the “amazing health benefits of CBD.” Most of them aren’t true.

The truth is, CBD can help you with…

This is a tough list to make as it changes every couple months, but sometimes you find companies that constantly try to deliver on their promises to consumers.

#5 - Evo Hemp - This one is special because it brings together so many pieces of the hemp story. This formula is terpene rich and was made in partnership with the Lakota Sioux to help grow Native American hemp.

#4 - Receptra - This one has turmeric extract and a handful of nutritional oils to help the body digest and absorb the hemp extract. …

This is quickly becoming a category that consumers need to watch out for, the “Snake Oil” that says it’s not because they got some endorsements.

The only endorsement that matters for hemp consumers is “How natural are the ingredients?” and does it work for “Your body.” As a general rule hemp works, you don’t need to do too much to it, but consume it in a way your body likes it and can absorb it. Don’t over think it.

Products that look over-engineered, most likely are. All you have to do is look at how many advisors they have and…

It was a normal day in the life of our hemp start-up, TortusMtn.com, then YouTube shutdown our channel because apparently hemp products can cause death, harm, and other severe illnesses.

This is the message currently being displayed on the Ex-YouTube page.

The first 100 days trying to create the first consumer-based hemp video and written review website in the world is going to be interesting…

I’m part of a three person team and it seems to be growing. Our goal is to create the first consumer-based hemp video and written review site in the world. …

Tortus Mtn

An review and educational website for hemp products. We cover topics from CBD to skincare and everything in between.

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