How to pass KYC with TOR-X Telegram KYC Bot

Mar 8 · 4 min read

Hello TOR-X people!

Here I will describe how to pass KYC with TOR-X Telegram KYC Bot. It`s pretty new feature and uncommon approach but I`m sure that it will not be an issue for you.

First of all you will have to register in TOR-X dashboard. To do it just click login link in the header of

As you are new user and have no account in our system, just click register link over here:

Fill in registration form with your data as you will have to pass KYC with this name and receive email confirmation link to email address that you specified:

After you confirm your email address and login to dashboard for the first time, you will see this notification:

Obviously, you must pass KYC procedure to contribute to TOR-X or to receive any amount of TOR-X tokens as Airdrop or bounty reward. Moreover, even referral program payout requires you to pass that KYC, so I definitely recommend you to go through it — it is not painful. So just load Telegram messenger and click that purple button with words CLICK TO PROCEED.

Next you will see standard redirect page that informs you about contact that you are going to interact with. Just to be sure that you are going in a right way, please check address bar and account name — it should be @torxkycbot

In the messaging window you will see bot description and “Start” button in the bottom. Don`t wait — click it!

Choose language that you are familiar with

BTW, we have KYC Telegram bot translation bounty campaign where you can easily earn 1000 TOR-X tokens (about 1 ETH).

Next bot will ask for your email address:

You must use same email that you used during registration:

After email address you will be prompted to enter password and it should be also same as you used during registration, otherwise you will see error message like on the picture above.

After you enter correct password you will see main bot menu that may differ a bit in comparison with represented below:

First name and Last name that you mentioned during registration are saved already, but the rest information you will have to upload.

Click ID Photo button and icon of attachment.

Choose photo of your main ID card or Passport and send it as file:

In case if you will send it as photo, you will get error message like this:

In case if you do it properly, you will see notification:

Please complete the rest uploading required documents and filling requested data.

After you complete submitting all the requested info, you will see following message:

This link opens dashboard login page where you can continue with our Airdrop, Bounty and Contribution pages.

BTW: We have incredible bonuses for early adopters and presale contributors. Feel free to ping me about terms and conditions.

Justin Hayes,

CTO of TOR-X Network

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