The Curious Case of Formula E
Michael Broughton

As a die hard racing fan (IndyCar, F1, Sports Cars) and automotive enthusiast, I must admit that I dislike Formula E. It goes against and takes away everything that is to love and connect to the automobile. But I can’t deny their uncanny ability to attract manufactures. Where other series are struggling to bring in companies, FE can’t seem to keep them out. The model will be put to the test as time goes on. Fuel crisis’ have been claimed since the 70’s. Mazda just announced they’ve finally made a major break through in regular fuel consumption. Not to mention the argument that harvesting precious metals needed for E-cars is equally as harmful to the environment as fossil fuels. As always, time will tell. But getting Porsche to leave top level sports car racing, when the entire brand is built around it, deserves a tip of the cap. Whether purists, like myself, like it or not.

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