Lost in desire

Be gentle with me, be sweet and kind. What? Really?
Oh Hell no!!
Who are we kidding?
Flip Me Over, pull my hair and do whatever you want.
We want passion, excitement, to be wild and to totally get lost in each other.
Be real, no women wants a docile man in bed.

“I love the way you make me wet when I fantasize about you”

You taste so good. I long for your lips.
You start the adventure by passionately kissing the neck while making yourself down to my breast.
I love the things you do with your tongue and your scent, it drives me insane.
Your breath on my skin, I tremble to your every kiss, to your touch.
Caressing and grabbing every inch of me, showing how much you want to devour my body while searching for my soul.

“Rip My Clothes Off, Grab My Hair And Fuck Me Please” I whispered.

Holding each other tightly and not letting go until collapsing with exhaustion, from pleasure. This craving and the hunger that’s insatiable with the passion that burns hotter than fire.

Hot steaming sex and talking dirty is an essential part of a healthy sexual life. They are powerful and seductive. It heightens sexual pleasure before and during sex. It’s one of the naughtiest things you’ll love to do.

Have fun, while pushing all the boundaries and make it mind blowing.

When you enchant someone, your goal is not to take from them or to get them to do what you want, but to fill their heart with great delight.
Our time here is limited. You need to make up your mind, let someone love you and want you or just let it be, respect yourself, while enjoying your life.
Love is an emotional need,
driven by desire.