Sunday Flood #1

Weekly selection of the most meaningful online design-related contents carefully chosen by me.
An assortment of Kit Kat flavours found in Japan / The NewYork Times Magazine / Spencer Lowell

Floral wreaths / Olga Prinku
Namibia’s colourful, dry topography / Leah Kennedy
Macro photographies of butterflies’ wings colourful details / Chris Perani
Leica Instant M concept / Daniel Huang
#Unignorable graphic campaign / United Way x PANTONE
The evolution of 8 objects Americans use everyday / NeoMam x SavingSpot
Packaging and identity case for Adamo baby swing / Ilka Olajos, Pinewood Weddings, Inez Priger

GRVTY2 / Daniel Garay Arango
Hamburger making robot / Creator (San Francisco)

ØDE / Petecia Le Fawnhawk
Magic UX / Special Projects
Ambiguous / Massimo Colonna
Myro refillable deodorant / Visibility Studio, Deerfield
Diesel rebranding / Caterina Bianchini Studio

Waterproof rain socks / ONFAdd
Mui, organic interactive iOT device / Mui Lab Inc.
Eclipse Zero Sound / BKID x Samsung
Tim Zarki / Nike React Element 87

See you on next week with new, fresh and unexpected contents.