China Needs to be Strong

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre which resulted in the death of roughly 300,000 Chinese civilians at the hands of Japanese Imperials. A day in infamy that should be remembered by all!

However as much as I’m a Chinese patriot, as much as I love my Motherland, I cannot lie when I say this — the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Opium Wars prior to it, and the 100 Years of Humiliation that the Chinese have suffered altogether aren’t entirely the West’s fault, they’re China’s. But before I go into this, I’m going to take a step back… to a time when China was king of the world, when it was living up to its name as the “Middle Kingdom”.

It was during the Ming Dynasty when China had ships the size of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria combined! It was during an era when the world paid tributes to the Chinese emperor, when Matteo Ricci not only had to obey the Pope but the Emperor of China at the time. It was a time like no other for China, followed by the Qin, Tang, and Yuan in no particular order. China experienced propserity, growth, and fortitude unchallenged and unparalleled. China was the cultural centre of the world.

…The Nanjing Massacre brings about self-reflection as much as it does remembrance, commemoration, and any other rhetoric/cliche. But this is an atypical self-reflection that bears significance for non-Chinese as much as it does for the Chinese. As a Chinese who grew up in the West but a lover of my own heritage, I’ve seen China during its peak and its lowest of lows. And it can be said without a doubt that China fell from grace, that it lost the Mandate of Heaven, and lost the Lord Almighty’s favour. As a Christian, I can say unflinchingly that God indeed punishes through worldly manifestations.

Just as the Jews were punished whilst being God’s “Chosen People” to this day, whether it be wandering the world without a home to the Western Holocaust, they were indeed punished. But God’s “Chosen People” are still the Jews and I can say this with full conviction. Just look at how many Jewish people have made how many significant contributions to the world in every way — from the science to the arts! And then compare that number to how many Jewish people there are altogether. Then compare that percentage with the rest of the world, especially China, you get a much higher percentage and yet how many Chinese are there? 1.3/4 billion!

The fact of the matter is this — China was punished through Japan and Western aggressors during, prior, and around World War II. And you know why China was punished? Because it was weak! It allowed itself to be preyed upon by its predators. I’m not advocating for social Darwinism, rather, I’m saying China treated its own people with great sin! The Qing Dynasty was a crumbling dynasty ruled by a non-Chinese ethnic minority, rebellions were everywhere, people were living in poverty left-right-and-centre, and to top it all off… there was a civil war going on! The Communists and the Nationalists represented a cancer that only invited viruses and bacterias to invade and take advantage of a dieing organism.

China was too weak to even take care of its own people let alone fend off a Japanese invasion amongst other concerns. To this day — China is still weak, no matter what the Western propaganda says, it’s still a largely divisive nation. The only reason why I advocate for China’s Peaceful Rise is not because I’m a patriot, but because I want to see a wounded dog heal. The reason why I want China to get better is because I don’t want it to be preyed upon anymore. Similar to Germany after World War I, nobody could condemn Hitler for building up his own people and nobody should’ve. If I was living at that time as a German, I would’ve gladly followed Hitler!

However, what Hitler eventually did was became the very evil he wanted to overcome and rise above. China isn’t Nazy Germany, China’s rise doesn’t represent a facade that will soon transform to something worse but China will become a force for good. I implore you with the following —

China must get stronger so that the world can redeem itself. China must become stronger so that the world can save itself. China must be strong so that the world doesn’t repeat the mistakes of old. China must be a strong nation so that humanity can learn to not prey on others for their weakness. China must steel itself so that humanity or at least a (huge) part of it can achieve salvation.

What I’m trying to say is simply this — China’s current rise mustn’t be seen as a threat, but a welcoming sign of the times. China’s current rise mustn’t be condemned, but supported! China’s current rise however mustn’t be placed upon a pedestal. The reason being China still needs a whole lot of love, nuturing, and respect. If you don’t want China to be like Nazi Germany during pre-Nazism, then you’d best help China. Why? Because China’s still weak, its own people still disrespect each other, trick each other, swindle each other… its own people are still very corrupt, morally ill, and spiritually hungry/thirsty. China is still a “house divided amongst itself” which means if you want to see China fail, then all you have to do is absolutely nothing instead of judging. There’s no point in wasting your breath if you truly want it to falter, fail, and fall. The China you see today is a rising soufle, but one false move and the cake will disintegrate before your very own eyes.

China’s a fragile and delicate — don’t be deceived by what you see in the news. China’s not as strong as you might think — it’s gotten way better but there’s still much work to be done. If you want to be an upstanding human being, you will not criticize, instead you will welcome China’s growth and development. The reason I say this is because it’s a sign of your humanity. Do you believe human beings can be redeemed? Do you think they deserve a second chance? Do you think they deserve a shot at success? Do you believe that everyone is equal? If so, then give China a chance!

China doesn’t need to be “king of the world”, in fact, no one should be “king of the world”, that’s an arrogant title. But China should be strong just as any nation should be. China needs to be stronger so that it doesn’t invite the world to hate it. Hating it now means you’re not even willing to give it a chance to earn your respect. Hating it now means you’re not even willing to give it a chance to deserve your respect. Hating it now means that you’re not even willing to give global democracy a chance — a chance for another group of human beings the right to self-organize, self-govern, and self-improve.

China’s that scrawny kid before he became Captain America, but imagine if that scrawny kid was never given that chance? So give China that chance, give it love, and give it support! If you don’t, you’re doing yourself as much of a disservice as much as you’re doing the world one. China was mistreated in the past because of its own weakness, China will not become a Nazi-like state… China is like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer who never got to play in any reindeer games; China will go down in history only if you let it. Do you want to be a playground bully or do you want to be like Santa and recognize the inner potential of all living creatures and help them realize that potentially to the absolute fullest? In the spirit of Christmas, I implore you to be like our Jolly Old St. Nicholas and give China the Red Flagged Nation a chance at renewal, revival, and regeneration!