Why I ❤ Business & Tech

This is my battle cry, war cry, rally cry.

This is my answer to the questions: “What are you passionate about?” “What gets you up in the morning?” “What drives you?”

This explains why I do what I do, why I go where I go, why I am who I am.

My Upbringing:

During the past, I used to view the worlds of Business and Technology as this. I used to think that no matter how much we advance in terms of physical, material, and tangible realities, if we lose ourselves during this process, lose our humanities, lose our souls, then all that evolution will be for naught. I used to perceive that the world of Arts/Culture was the only way to change peoples’ hearts, thereby changing the world for the better.

My Self-Transformation:

I used to hate Business and Technology, but now love it to bits and pieces. Ever since moving from my small Canadian hometown of Winnipeg to the big alpha global world cosmopolitan/metropolitan city of Toronto, I received a mental paradigm shift. The city of Toronto enabled me to now view Business and Technology as worlds full of what the world of Arts/Culture had, creativity! But not only that, I had actually come to this realization through a process of self-rediscovery. In reality, I had always loved what Business and Technology stood for: changemaking.

Another way to look at this is with the following diagram:

The Truth

Business and Technology aren’t inherently good nor evil. The only merit/value they have is the following:

Business and Technology are together, the greatest, most powerful tools for changemaking in existence. They’re the most powerful tools for enacting great evil or great good. Used in the wrong hands they can wrought, enact, and sustain great acts of evil like that of World War II (we all know wars are good for the economy), but when used in the right hands, they can wrought, enact, and sustain great acts of good like that of the Great Peace (but we also know that if it weren’t for the interdependencies in our global economy, we wouldn’t be experiencing such a peace right now).

Why I love Business and Technology is simple and can be described with one word: Morality!

There’s nothing else to it really.

For me, it’s a moral choice, a moral decision, a moral reason for why I love Business and Technology. For me, it’s all about what is the best way for me to be that changemaker? What is the best way for me to make a positive difference in this world? What is the most sustainable, scalable, and systemic way for me to enact the kind of change I wish to be in this world? What is the best way for me to not only change myself, change the world, but also do it in a tangible way? Preaching it? Chanting it? Singing about it? Merely talk about it? Drawing about it? Nay I say! The best way is through Entrepreneurship and Engineering!

What other industry/sub-industry can bolster the kinds of moral acts/movements Entrepreneurship and Engineering have? Does Hollywood have the same kind of push towards diversity Silicon Valley has? Does Wall Street have the same kind of push towards environmentally sustainability Silicon Valley has? Does the White House have the same kind of push towards peace and stability Silicon Valley has? When an earthquake strikes, Silicon Valley creates tech to help survivors find their family members. When refugees flood in, Silicon Valley creates tech to help them move into town. When homeless people crowd the streets, Silicon Valley creates tech to better house them, feed them, receive donations. When females, blacks, latinos, asians, etc are being treated as lesser being, Silicon Valley swoops right on in and tells them “they matter”. When students drop out and are scolded, Silicon Valley tells them “learning and studying are 2 different things”. When the world cries out in agony, despair, and pain, Silicon Valley comes to the rescue and says — “we care about your merit, we don’t care about your skin colour, your physiology, your geophysical/geopolitical upbringing, your anything, we just care about your willpower.”

Please note that when I say “Silicon Valley”, “Wall Street”, “Hollywood”, the “White House”, etc, I mean to put them in a figurative light not one of literality. These terms can be applied to any country, any locale, any geophysical reality. These terms only mean to explain paradigms, differences in ethos, cultures, and Zeitgeists.

This is my creed, this is my raison-d’etre, this is my manifesto:

To be a Digital Engineer (someone who’s proficient in all 3 aspects of the Digital Trinity: Data, Design, and Development).

Viewable in my Behance account — https://www.behance.net/gallery/25267433/Digital-Trinity

To be a Tech Entrepreneur

To be a Venture Capitalist

To be the change I wish to see in the world.

To be someone that makes ceaselessly, endlessly, tirelessly… perpetually.

To live and beget life, to create and beget creativity, to give and beget the spirit of giving.

Why? Simply Put.

Because it’s the right thing to do!

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