Social Media Happiness

1. No attention seeking posts, if something has happened to you, either tell us or don’t! A cryptic “Right I have had enough!” will either drive your friends mad or be ignored and sooner or later the latter will happen.
2. Learn to spell and punctuate at least to the point where your friends do not need a cryptologist to understand the post. Especially there/they’re weather/whether and similar pitfalls.
3. Your implied contract with friends on social media is to provide entertainment, so obsessively posting on the same theme is dull. Find something else to share or write about than your last relationship, how wonderful your kid is or why [Insert name here] is the best singer/band ever.
4. Don’t post unsubstantiated posts, especially racist or bigoted, this is a crime under race hate legislation (UK) and could potentially get you arrested. Free speech doesn't include hate speeches.
5. Social Media is not your therapist!