This is an ongoing documentation of my experience of carrying out a self-monitoring experiment on myself to increase my sleep quality. This article would talk about utilizing concepts of behavioral change and how they are used in self-monitoring. I plan to discuss the practical implementation of the concepts of behavioral economics in healthcare-related changes in our daily lives through ubiquitous devices! I plan to update the article every week :)

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This semester I am taking a course on the Design of consumer health technologies at the University of Michigan. To sensitize ourselves to the process of behavior change, we are…

Did you know — Applications with in-app messages have 3.5x higher user retention compared to the apps that don’t have them? 😮

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The in-app notification system works really good in four ways:

  1. Increasing user engagement by nudging users to take actions
  2. Providing feedback to acknowledge user actions
  3. Guiding users to navigate the product with comfort (onboarding steps/new feature introductions)
  4. Updating the user about changes in their critical information (policy changes/security concerns ➡️ likes/shares/comments/)

If these notifications patterns are not built in the right way, they can be white noise and can haunt you later with their anti-UX nature. Again, please note that we are talking here about in-app notifications that are different from system notifications (a.k.a push notification/product notification).

Illustration: Killer Visual Strategies

It was very recently this year that I had started my research on designing data visualizations for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients to help enhance the sensemaking of patient-facing mobile data.

After analyzing the various PDF reports generated by various companies in the market like Diasend, Dexcom, Tidepool, Medtronics, and Glooko, I started designing visualizations filling in the caveats we found the existing ones. The aim was to identify one or more workflows that support problem-solving using diabetes data to help users derive maximum out of their diabetes data to perform data-driven tasks. …

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We all need mentors even if we think we don’t. We need them not because we need someone to show us direction, but for someone to share their story with us which in turn helps us to connect to that story in our own lives.

We come across mentors from very early on in our lives (exceptions might be there!). I was very lucky to have my parents mentor me in studies, all sorts of art activities, cooking, and handling life since I started living away at the age of 15. I found my first(non-parent) mentor in my cousin who…

Before the “Work From Home” became a daily dose for all of us and before even companies started launching efficient solutions for remote collaborations, I was facing the issue of whiteboarding collaboratively with my peer whom I met weekly on an online video conferencing call. And a week later, WFHs happened and people starting finding ways to carry out their BAUs effectively.

I am working on designing data visualizations for one of my research projects and right now we are at the stage of designing and critiquing each other’s designs. My fellow researcher and I recently used invision freehand and…

It was two days back when I first tried to install and run ARCore plugin/package with Unity. I went through the documentation and many great articles people had written for the same and it did help me reach somewhere. But, I still could not run my scene on my Android phone and after investigating half of the day, I was finally able to troubleshoot the issue. And as they say, “Journey is more important than the destination” — in this case, both were equally important. I am documenting my small experience of a few hours where I created new issues…

Happy us on the graduation | Picture: Madhura Srinivas

What you’re going to read next is not only my journey as a fellow in theLead like a girl fellowship but also my narrative on how I took a chance to indulge myself into a very unfamiliar area and how it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences I have had till date.

One day when I was wrapping up my day, I received an e-mail from Lean In Women in Tech India that Shenomics is launching their first edition of a fellowship program called “Lead Like a Girl”. They would select 20 fellows across India…

Route to the kingdom of happiness!

A lot of people have been kind enough to follow my posts on social media about my latest trip to Bhutan and adjoining North-Eastern Indian states. So, I decided to do something very atypical of me— write about my itinerary and experience (I am mostly into talking) with some pictures and curated video (which you’d definitely find interesting).

For me, the Himalayas have always been a part of my reveries. Well, how could a country in the Eastern Himalayas with spell-bounding natural landscapes not be on my wishlist. …

It’s been almost two years now that I have been attending women-centric meetups and talks. When I share my experiences of these gatherings, there is a common perception of other that I have observed and this pricks me in my heart and brain, both.

Whenever I go talk in tech meetups, those are women specific — the very first assumption is — Oh she’s a feminist! The second assumption is that perhaps I am less competent. And I gave these perceptions much thought. …

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