Only you can improve the world !!

Moving along the edges of life when you are stuck with idiotic people who have no logics at all, who can’t think on their own and need others for defending them, that’s when you know the world is too weird to live in and too desperate to bring you down. 
That’s when you know that people around you are not the way that you thought them to be. 
That’s when you realise the need of thinking a little more clearly and the need for understanding that all going on around the world ain’t logical. 
It is only logical to recognise that not everyone can be logical enough and some people need to get this straight that they are not and they can not be.

The real trouble starts when everyone tries to get into a hat that is better than what they deserve or have earned. Not everything can be looted by using guns and altercations, some things require care and warmth for being earned, and best example to this is respect. Amid all the insecurities going on, and in the pool of people who are trying to prove themselves, no matter what points they have, you’ll feel lost !!
You’ll feel trapped and you feel like running away. 
When you feel like that, Don’t !! 
Coz, its only then that you can actually gain an internal motivation to better the world that you are a part of. 
Its only then that you’ll be able to understand what it means to be in someone else’s shoes. 
Its only then that you’ll figure out the true meaning of being a human. 
Its only then that you’ll realise your value in your own eyes and you’ll get to know where you stand for yourself and what are your expectations with the person that you spend your 24 hours with (that is, you). 
Its only then that you’ll evolve a lil more and you’ll then learn to appreciate your own self. 
So, no matter what the world says, “Love yourself most”. Coz no one else can, and you can’t expect anyone to walk according to you or feel what it is to be in your shoes.

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