You matter !!


Walking through the avenues of life when sunshine and shadows get intermingled.

Staggering along the edges of problems when you give your best efforts and find optimum solution.

Playing with the curls of your partner, when your heart skips a beat and mind eludes you from reality.

Getting compliments from your boss in front of your 500 people company when you try and save a second for yourself.

Looking at those 20 floor buildings with shining glasses and helipads, when you take a glimpse of your office at 21st floor.

Fulfilling all the expectations of your loved ones and pacing them to bed on time, when you try to search for your own sleep.

Smiling through the day with all the happy moments when a moment of murk strikes your existence.

That is when reality hits you hard. 
When your crux itself shatters into millions of pieces. 
And your energy gets drained to the level Zero.

That is when you perceive everything from a vantage point that was never yours till now. 
When you understand your own aura. 
And you get to choose between mourning or celebrating your essence in its raw form.

That is when you must understand YOU. 
When no one else can decipher your esse. 
And when you're purely inside your own cocoon that will be playing its usual role of protecting you from each and every vibe.

You must then acknowledge your colour and appreciate it.
Coz you're one of a kind and no one can be YOU. 
You might be a
or ugly
or useless
or beautiful
or irritating 
for different people at same time.
But what really matters is *What you are for your own self?* and you need to find that out !!

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