The Rise of Mobile Programmatic

The Rise of Mobile Programmatic

Mobile programmatic is more important today than it has even been before; it has firmly established itself as a cost-effective way of sale and purchase of ad inventory and gained the trust of the advertisers in the display advertising environment, that were quick to embrace its numerous benefits and include it in their campaign goals.

Realizing that potential consumers increasingly spend time on various mobile devices, marketers have been able to determine where to place their campaigns and their dollars in order to reach out their desired audience. This is especially true for brands and brand marketers, who reacted quickly and grasped the potential of mobile programmatic in its infancy.

Why mobile programmatic?

Programmatic advertising has been experiencing enormous growth, mostly led by mobile and video ads. Mobile programmatic is a huge opportunity for advertisers in the display environment, since it overcame the initial technical hurdles and enhanced its targeting and reporting, which improve its performance and measurement.

Marketers need to realize their customers’ behavior and intents, and should do their best to stay on track with the increasing shift of customers’ interests if they want to create successful campaigns that will reach their desired end goals.

Thus, mobile programmatic has been the logical and predictable step forward in the programmatic environment and there’s more to it than this — its key characteristics provide a much better insight of its significance for all the key market players.

Keeping pace

The realization that customers are focused on mobile devices makes marketers shift their ad budgets in the same direction. This means that their primary goal revolves around distributing the right ad in front of the right consumers, and mobile devices are the next big challenge. If we go back to the key benefits of programmatic, one of its key strengths has been targeting the right audience for a campaign, and this is the reason why marketers have been using programmatic technology for their campaigns in the first place. Mobile programmatic brings campaigns closer to the right people, following their preferences and behaviour as they switch devices during the day.

Gained insights

To succeed with programmatic, it’s essential that trade happens quickly and that it is based on smart decisions, since every missed chance for a bid is a missed chance for profit. Data gained from mobile generates insights regarding their targeted audience; data can range from knowing the location of potential consumers, to the sites they visit — and knowing this, advertisers can have a real-time understanding if their campaigns make sense.


As programmatic technology is advancing, it still keeps its basic premise — delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. The following years will witness an even greater success of programmatic, as it will become an indispensable part of every marketer’s campaign plans. One thing is already clear — advertisers that still don’t use mobile programmatic are missing out a big opportunity in the digital environment.