EPOCH Leads the new era of Blockchain commercial applications

By Donald M Jackson

The birth of the EPOCH blockchain application and development platform is leading a new revolution in the field of blockchain commercial applications. Based on the commercial application solution which was built on the decentralized concept, with its high security, high reliability and high timeliness, the platform is breaking down the technical barriers that traditional industries enter into the field of blockchain and providing an efficient and convenient channel for traditional industries to access the block network.


There is no doubt that 2017 has become a crucial year for the blockchain technology application and development. According to the data provided by ICOBENCH, the total amount of ICOs in the world has exceeded 2 billion U.S. dollars. The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market also zoomed from 17 billion in January to 126 billion .

These massive leaps have drawn the attention of the Wall Street financial investors. According to the information disclosed by the Wall Street Journal, it shows that well-known investment institutions such as Goldman Sachs have increased the share of digital currency in existing investment quotas.

However, it is worth noting that the majority of existing stock exchanges are still centrally controlled and managed by individual companies. It is still rare for a cryptocurrency exchange that truly meets the decentralization requirements or the exchange is still in the early stages of development and testing. The integrity of product shape and the security still need to be constantly improved.

It means that same as banks, there is also an inevitable security risk in the existing cryptocurrency stock exchanges.Investors still have a lots of concerns about the transaction of encrypted digital currency.There is still a huge gap between the traditional investment structures that institutional investors are expecting and the dramatically grown cryptocurrency.This discourages the institutional investors.In the meantime, due to the limitation of their own technological capabilities and the multi-layer and complexity of blockchain technology, the traditional enterprises which are gradually transforming also have difficulties in docking the blockchain technology platform.

EPOCH, a new decentralized and enterprise-class blockchain technology development platform was born under such a background. Based on the team’s own technological advantages, EPOCH constantly innovates and attempts to overcome these existing business barriers and technical barriers . With its safe, efficient and credible development concept, it is gradually promoting the transition from existing traditional investment enterprises to the blockchain technology platform. With the safe and real-time data, and the high-quality service that meets the needs of customized development, EPOCH starts a new era of blockchain application and development.

A complete and detailed technical framework provides adequate technical support for service access. Traditional enterprises of various business volume and technology can find corresponding adaptation interfaces at different product levels. At the same time, EPOCH has formed a full set of solutions that can provide follow-up visual management and business monitoring. Highly fault-tolerant consensus nodes ensure consistency of data and the security of large-scale enterprises.

In order to build a safe, stable and reliable EPOCH block network and meet the requirement of development testing, the EPOCH platform introduces the local tokens EPO. On Jan 1st 2018, it will start the presale and public offering for about one month. This includes 20 million tokens that’s raised through private placement and it will be used for business development and market development during the ICO.This shows how much attention and trust that the current investment institutions have on the projects.