TosiDrop Litepaper

6 min readMay 22, 2022


We’re excited to release the official litepaper of TosiDrop. This article will explain the full vision of TosiDrop, and how our community can benefit from the platform.


  1. Introduction
  2. TosiDrop Features
  3. cTOSI/eTOSI Tokenomics
  4. Revenue Model
  5. Team
  6. DAO and Governance
  7. Final Remarks

1. Introduction

The technology at the heart of Cardano and Ergo is blockchain, which is simply an open, distributed ledger that records transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

The immense power of blockchain technology is derived primarily from decentralization; that is, the dispersion of functions and powers to the many, rather than just a few.

Decentralization allows the record-keeping of shared databases with anyone in the world without any intermediary involvement and assures protection from deletion, tampering, and revision.

The power of the many is what allows cryptocurrencies to have value. Wide distribution to as large a community of like-minded individuals as possible is crucial in creating successful blockchain projects for the future.

Blockchain projects that adhere to the core principle of decentralization will be well-positioned to take advantage of a community collectively working together to push forward the progress and success of any new project with a truly decentralized ownership structure where the growth in value created is enjoyed primarily by the project community as a whole, rather than solely insiders and corporate interests, e.g., VC’s.

To this end, our team has developed TosiDrop.

TosiDrop is an all-encompassing token distribution platform for both the Cardano and Ergo blockchains — the two most decentralized blockchains in existence.

Utilizing TosiDrop, projects can seamlessly distribute tokens to community members by:

1) Directly airdropping tokens to a list of community member addresses; or

2) Allowing community members to claim tokens via a vending machine-style mechanism.


Since launching in November 2021, anetaBTC has steadfastly adhered to the principle of distributing its governance and revenue-sharing token (NETA and cNETA) to as many individuals as possible from around the world. Over the past six months, anetaBTC has airdropped over 150 million NETA/cNETA to its global community — nearly 10% of its total fixed supply.

With the tremendous support and invaluable contributions made thus far by many anetaBTC global community members, anetaBTC enjoys one of the largest market caps in the Cardano and Ergo platforms and has some of the highest volumes in the rapidly growing Cardano DEX market.

It is undoubtedly the support and dedication from its global community of more than 30,000 individuals from across the world that has played a key role in allowing anetaBTC to become a leading native asset project on the Cardano and Ergo blockchains.

A key component of the success of anetaBTC thus far has been due to the early and wide distribution of its Cardano and Ergo native tokens to tens of thousands of people around the world at minimal cost to both those receiving tokens and anetaBTC itself.

The efficiency of both Cardano and Ergo allows mass distribution to a wide audience at a negligible fraction of what it would cost on other blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin where distribution of native tokens would cost minimally $100’s of thousands to millions of dollars to distribute any amount close to what anetaBTC has airdropped over the past six months to its global community.

The power of decentralization has been up until now a relatively difficult endeavor for newly-launched projects without the backing of wealthy individuals or institutions willing to commit large sums of capital to distribute ownership interest to a wide public audience.

This now changes with TosiDrop as it allows the power of decentralization to be attained by individuals and teams willing to allow sizable ownership interest to be held by their community at minimal cost to those interested in acquiring native tokens and project teams building crucial infrastructure for the blockchain industry.

2. TosiDrop Features

The TosiDrop platform allows projects to distribute tokens to their community in various mechanisms all at minimal cost to participants.

Projects on Cardano and Ergo will be able to efficiently and economically distribute tokens to their community members through:

  1. Cardano → Airdropping platform tokens to their community members through uploading a list of addresses via CSV file.
  2. Cardano → Community members claiming project tokens via vending machine style.
  3. Ergo → Airdropping platform tokens to their community members through uploading a list of addresses via CSV file.

3. cTOSI/eTOSI Tokenomics

As with anetaBTC, TosiDrop tokens will be issued equally on both the Cardano and Ergo platforms. TosiDrop governance and revenue-sharing token on Cardano will be cTOSI, and TosiDrop governance and revenue-sharing token on Ergo will be eTOSI.


There are a combined total of two billion (2,000,000,000) TosiDrop platform tokens and is hard-capped at this amount.

  • 1,000,000,000 (50%) cTOSI on Cardano.
  • 1,000,000,000 (50%) eTOSI on Ergo.

TOSI Token Allocation

There is no pre-sale, seed sale, private sales, or anything of that nature. Similar to anetaBTC, all token distributions are fully-transparent and will largely be allocated to our community. TOSI tokens will directly provide value to our existing NETA/cNETA community members and supporters.

90% of tokens will be allocated to the public while 10% of tokens will be allocated to Core Team members. The following tokenomics breakdown is as follows:

  1. Public: 60% (1,200,000,000 tokens)
  2. NETA/cNETA Community: 30% (600,000,000 tokens)
  3. Core Team: 10% (200,000,000 tokens)

In the near future, we will announce a detailed public distribution breakdown.

cTOSI and eTOSI public token distributions will begin as early as next week.

4. Revenue Model

The TosiDrop platform will be the primary source of dispensing NETA/cNETA tokens to our community members.

For claiming cNETA rewards from anetaBTC’s LISO, there will be no additional fee to claim cNETA rewards outside of the minimum fee set by the Cardano blockchain.

Other projects, however, that would like to widely distribute their platform tokens will be charged a fee for using TosiDrop services. These fees will generate revenue in the form of ADA and ERG and will be enjoyed by holders of cTOSI and eTOSI.

5. Team

The TosiDrop team is composed of long-standing Cardano and Ergo community members. The core members of the team are followed by the official TosiDrop twitter account.

6. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

While initially the TosiDrop team will determine which platform tokens will be allowed to be listed, TosiDrop is structured as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization — through the cTOSI and eTOSI governance and revenue-sharing tokens.

In the future, TosiDrop aims to be a fully decentralized token distribution platform that runs entirely on publicly-audited and open-sourced smart contracts. Any project will be able to distribute tokens to their community as they deem fit.

Voting and governance mechanisms are under development by anetaBTC, which will be replicated for governance and voting for the TosiDrop platform.

cTOSI tokens represent a 50% governance and revenue-sharing stake for the TosiDrop platform.

eTOSI tokens represent a 50% governance and revenue-sharing stake for the TosiDrop platform.

7. Final Remarks

Our mainnet launch is scheduled for May 25th, 2022, beginning with the ability to claim cNETA rewards by delegators to NETA1 and NETA2 stake pools.

We look forward to continuing to work towards building crucial infrastructure, which includes the development of TosiDrop that will allow the distribution of platform tokens in an efficient and economical manner to promote the decentralization of Cardano and Ergo’s most promising projects.

We thank each and every member of our community for your support thus far and look forward to what we can achieve together.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

For more information on TosiDrop:

Twitter | Telegram| Discord | Docs | Github




A token distribution platform on Cardano and Ergo.