How would you describe Nigerian Politicians in terms of Smartphones

I made this write-up based on a quora article I found very interesting. You can check it here:

So straight to our Political tech Review:

  • OBJ — Baba has gone through many shades, from the gallant and unshakable oga at the top to the now old sage, musing about the country’s mistakes and the present-day government’s failings; Baba just refuses to die. Reminds me of blackberry’s smartphones. From the then “big boy” blackberry curves to the bold series then the Q5 & Q10 running Blackberry’s OS10 and now the Blackberry Priv. The company has refused to rest in peace time after time. I sincerely wish them the best.
  • Yar’adua — You know that government project that never gets completed. Nigeria never saw what old man Yar’adua had to offer becuse of his untimely death. Talk about the Ubuntu Edge that never made it to production. I dreamt about this phone and told every one that cared to listen about the phone that was going to disrupt the smartphone market but unfortunately it never made it to the stores.
  • Goodluck Jonathan — Hmmm, “Goodluck” Jonathan. Simple in every sense of the word and open to everything — insults, abuse, just name it. Rumor has it that the rude remarks generated from the Nigerian community online reached a record high, almost crashing facebook servers at some point. Reminds me of the google nexus smartphones, very easy to unlock, root and customise and with more than enough documentation online. In fact I found this piece on how to install iOS on it here. You’d be awed *smiles*
  • Muhammadu Buhari — Sai baba is the original definition of old school. Most people voted him because they felt he was tested and trusted like the popular “Nokia 3310”. Me, I don’t know about that sha…

Please let me know what you think about my review and who the title of “galaxy note 7” should go to. Do have a lovely weekend!