You are strong and beautiful.

Baby you are strong, you are beautiful, you are unique and there’s no one as sweet as you in this world, you need to understand that no one is perfect, but in your own little way, you’re perfect.

All my life, I’ve always had this feeling that I was the ugliest among my friends, I was the worst type of person, that I was even the dullest and dumb one, I tend to admire my friends more and wish I had the kind of clothes and shoes they wore, or the kind of freedom they get, but one thing I didn’t know was I was different, everyone is, you just have to find that “special you” and bring it out for the world to see, many times when we go out with friends, I’ll hide myself at one angle because I felt they had dressed more than me and I would feel really intimidated but I was suffering because I couldn’t tell anyone, probably because most of them mocked me because of my slim stature and how skinny I was and then I would go to a particular corner and think or cry my eyes out.

As the days grew, months passed by, I started growing and learning and reading and I got to understand that “there is no one that is unique like you, you’re the only special of your kind and you’re beautiful” those were the words I kept saying to myself every day, most times I’ll just get moody and sad because I wanted those things they had but I could not tell anyone, mind you, my mum was getting me everything I needed, from clothes to shoes to bags, but it wasn’t just enough, I needed more.

I later got to understand that it wasn’t all these material things I needed, I needed to love myself, I had to love myself more than the way anyone else could love me.

It was only this way that I could outgrow this intimidation and whatever the hell was wrong with me, it wasn’t easy, I struggled and kept fighting telling myself you are beautiful and you are unique, most times when I pass where a group of young girls and guys are sitting, they’ll all laugh and I’ll feel bad all over again. Until later I began not to care, I saw myself from a totally different angle. It wasn’t until when I left my vicinity and went to school in a totally different area, people began commenting on my body shape and how good I look, then and there I began to believe that I was the best of my kind.

One thing is clear, we are all different beings, with different speciality and agenda, no one is the same and no one is perfect, so if you’re going through the same phase that I went through, you need to start believing in yourself, never look down on you and never look down on anyone, stand in front of the mirror everyday and say to yourself “I am the best of my kind and no one is perfect, no one is more beautiful than I am, no one is more special than me”. Keep saying it to yourself everyday and you’ll get better, when you go out and people look at you and laugh, don’t feel bad or sad instead smile and feel bad for them because they can’t see what you see in you. You are beautiful.


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