Similar to the law of gravity, the law of confession will work for anyone who get involved with it.

Declare with power and authority

Right now, I speak by the spirit of the Lord that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will mark me out for distinction. May the anointing energize my mortal body, heal me, give me double strength and break every yoke of the devil in my life in the name of Jesus. I will experience God’s transforming power in every area of my life to the intent that I will ascend my God-given throne here on earth in Jesus’ name. I will go forth and be a sign and wonder to the world. I call myself wealthy and prosperous. I proclaim that I have the necessary finances to do everything that God has called me to do with enough in store to bless others. I believe I receive double in every area of my life – double anointing, double rejoicing, double in my giving, double in my receiving, double in my income, and double in my assets. Today I receive power to create wealth so that I have more than enough to give unto your kingdom.

Devotional thought;
Locate the potential that distinguish you from others and fully develop it for maximum benefits.

You Are Valuable

‘Tosin Owojuyigbe