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Meet the men who capitalize on manipulation and misogyny

Photo credit: JJ Jordan on Pexels

For young, inexperienced men, just like their female counterparts, the dating scene can be scary and confusing. They are told that they need to be aggressive pursuers and that rejection equals failure.

Those who oppose feminism don’t seem to understand how the patriarchy negatively affects men but just a brief…

Love is where sensitivity finds a place to shine

WEBdreamingiris, 2003 by Hope Gangloff, used with permission of the artist

Disclaimer: Being highly sensitive is only one part of who you are. Not all qualities associated with Highly Sensitive People apply to every individual in this group. This article is based on research and personal experience.

When you search for information about Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) online, you’ll come across…

Though ‘Them’ was is a dark and devastating watch, as a Black woman, I was glad to see racial violence exposed as the pervasive, ever-present threat it is

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I don’t even remember what we were playing but what my friend, Rachel said to me during one winter recess over a decade ago really struck me. She took a piece of ice and rubbed it on my skin.

She was pretending to bathe me. “You’re brown because you’re dirty,”…

Some opportunities don’t pay right away but they can help you lay the groundwork for future success

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Before I ever even landed my first freelance writing client, I had sworn to myself that I would never work for free. Writers and other creative professionals deserve to be paid for their work and I was not going to become another starving artist.

After nearly a year of unsuccessfully…

Tosin Sanusi

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