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Something about this seems funny to me — ever hear of the Oogieloves? Apprently the marketing guy behind the Teletubbies went to a screening of a Madea movie and was inspired by how the mostly black audience would shout at the screen and stand up and generally be loud and ebullient. That movie holds the record for worst box office opening for a film screened in over 2000 theatres.

Not sure if that means anything — maybe don’t equate a black audience to toddlers? But I don’t know for sure if equating race to audience is accurate. Whites still comprise the VAST majority of the movie-going public, and both examples offered are barely “hits” by any realistic metric. It’s cool to see that an Indian movie has an audience; but it’s been a little trite to read these thinkpieces about how Tom Hanks is a fading star and that somehow relates to ‘diversity’ (rather than his last few movies have sucked).

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