Things to believe instead of Anti-Vax

Many of those who don the tinfoil hat are otherwise rational well educated people. Most conspiracies are rather innocuous and although people may give you odd looks if you bring them up at the dinner table your kool-aid isn’t likely to kill someone.

This is not true for the anti-vaxxers. The dangers of not vaccinating your children are real and those who will suffer are the most innocent and powerless.

Debate with someone who holds firm to a conspiracy theory is all but useless. In fact, it tends to only strengthen the belief. I suggest an alternative medicine to this condition: help them pick a different pet conspiracy theory that wont kill kids.

Here is a short list of some classics but feel free to ‘research’ your own.

1. Moon landing was faked

This is a classic. The basic story goes that we never landed on the moon and that all the video and audio from the Apollo missions were simply a deception by NASA and hollywood.

This theory raises lots of great questions, such as why a flag would fly straight on the moon where there is no wind.

It also, importantly cant hurt anyone. Believing that armstrong and Glen are liars wont result in the moon exploding and life on earth ending.

2. HAARP: Government weather machine

This theory is great because HAARP actually exists. Theorists claim that this US Air Force research facility located in Alaska is not intended to study radio waves but rather can cause droughts, hurricanes and even earthquakes.

A government lab located in the sub arctic is pretty much the best place for evil to take root. The facility was also built by a large faceless corporation. How can we possibly be sure of it’s intended purpose?

In Closing

The dangers of reduced herd immunity are real and as such its not simply a matter of choice. Parents who do not vaccinate their children are not only risking the lives of their kids but the lives of other kids in the community.

The assertion that parents have the right not to vaccinate is much like claiming parents should have the right to leave a loaded and unlocked handgun at their child’s daycare. It’s simply insane.

So please, pick another theory in which the government, scientists and big pharma are hiding the truth from you. One that won’t lead to the rise in demand of child-size coffins.

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