Let’s take a closer look at the Physical Therapy program in Orange County

It is all about better pain management. Yes; physical therapy stands as a tried and tested way for pain management and pain reduction. It is all about forcing you to move your body. Although it may feel strange in the beginning however when it comes to the point of holistic pain management without any side effects there is hardly any other better way. People suffering from neck, shoulder or low back pain thus rely heavily on physical therapy.

As a matter of fact; in most of the cases low back pain is typically caused by a pulled or strained muscle. Weak muscle and even reduced muscle strength stand as the leading causes for back pain. Think logically — if the muscles become too weak a stage may come when they may fail to function properly. This is when muscle tears or muscle injury may occur thus leading to mild to severe back pain.

Let’s not deny; body pains such as neck, shoulder, knee or lower back pain are pretty common. Statistical data reveals; more than 90% of all people experience such body aches at least some point in their life time. According to the health specialists and doctors in most of the cases structural related pains have a connection with improper body posture such as wrong seating position, improper standing postures, excessive bending or improper sleeping postures.

Of course; there are more than one ways of treating pain and aches, which includes but not limited to medication and even in some extreme cases surgery. However, one of the best and non invasive ways of dealing with aches is physical therapy. It entails both passive and active processes.

Acute, severe and even chronic back pain is treatable through physical therapy.

Not just pain management, physical therapy also helps in strengthening the back muscles as well, which are otherwise the key to smooth functioning of the body.

Get the fact aligned; physical therapy programs are not simply limited to getting the legs and arms bent by the therapist and just lying on a table. It is a holistic program, which can include massaging the muscles, exercise, and even a program of aerobics and walking as per the patient’s need.

Physical therapy programs for managing low back pain thus follow several levels. The professional therapist may teach you exercise to tone and strengthen the core muscles. The logic is simple, when the core muscles are strong and well toned; they are less likely to get sprained.

The exercise program is usually monitored by the physical therapist. Your improvements are measured and the paces of exercise are also altered accordingly.

The physical therapy program in Orange County can be designed as per the level of pain that you are experiencing. Once the pain comes in control a much higher level of activity is introduced. Tailored massages and exercises in the early stage of pain further ensure that the sprained muscles get healed naturally.

Alongside active and passive massage and exercise therapy, physical therapy also includes the following programs -

Heat Therapy: It is especially effective in resolving lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Electric Muscular Therapy: It helps reduce body aches and muscular discomfort. It is mainly used for neck, hip and knee pain.

Hydro-therapy: It helps the muscles to relax as calming water slowly massages your body and the muscles. It aids in relieving mild to severe body and muscle aches.

Physical therapy is lot more than mere massages and exercise programs.

In fact; here are the top 5 things which you may not know about physical therapy.

Point 1: The therapist can work in an array of settings for instance; hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, home health agencies and also in the Emergency Room.

Point 2: Alongside different settings, there are also different types of physical therapy, which may include but not limited to orthopedic, post-operative care, , acute care, cardiovascular rehab, pulmonary rehab, wound care, sports injury care and even neurologic rehabilitation.

Point 3: The therapists hold advanced degrees. The scope, practice and the knowledge of medicine has grown at a mammoth rate. To cater to the demand, physical therapists nowadays have to pass specific medical board exam for obtaining their license to treat.

Point 4: Take it in writing; physical therapists alone can never eliminate your pain or diminish the symptoms. Physical therapy becomes successful only in situation when the therapist and the patient work together to meet the patient’s individual goals.

Point 5: Physical therapy, in most of the cases is painless. In fact; most of the time the exercises and treatments are relatively pain-free

Do not suffer in silence. Talk to a professional physical therapist today!

Author Bio: Pieter Reynolds is familiar with well-known physical therapy professionals. He himself has been benefited by Physical Therapy program. In this article — “Let’s take a closer look at the Physical Therapy program in Orange County” he talks about the different levels of Physical Therapy program after collecting information from various sources and from experienced physical therapist in Orange County.

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