The 7 programming languages ​​for mobile development

The multiplicity of programming languages ​​for creating software and applications is enormous. Inserted in this universe full of languages, worthy series and worshiped films like “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”, the programmer must precisely choose the most suitable option to the end goal.

We are not as wise as Master Yoda and Spock, but we will give you a strength and explain what programming languages ​​are used in mobile development. Follow us on this journey!


Oracle acquired Java and now, it is the most used programming language around the world. Object-oriented, Java is compiled, flexible and can be performed either in a browser and in devices.

Another major advantage of Java is cross-platform capability, whose code is executed with particular success in systems Android and Windows.

In addition, to complement the Java way, technologies like TotalCross has been gaining ground for facilitating mobile development and porting the app to iOS, Android and Windows with a single source.


Developed in the 1970s, it can be said that the C language is like Latin to most Western languages: a language parent. They originated Java, C#, and virtually every other. However, just as Latin, C is complex and requires many code lines to accomplish tasks that other languages ​​are in one.

C is also compiled and ideal for systems with many calculations or games with spectacular graphics. If you have time and creativity, it can be an interesting choice.


Derived directly from the C language, this language is one of the most popular because of the easy handling and multiple platforms. You can create simple applications for a multitude of functions. But not only that.

Great software used C++ as a basis, software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Firefox and Microsoft Office.


This seems rather the name of some of the planets civilization invented by George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry. However, the name comes from the comedy group Monty Python English. It is a language with clear and didactic syntax, excellent particularly if you are a beginner.

However, it is a robust language, since it allows the programmer sophisticated results despite the simplicity. It is present in megapopular web apps like Instagram and Pinterest, using the Django framework, as well as Yahoo! and Google.


Also known as Obj-C, Apple used this language as the C ++ was the fashion. It was also developed from the Smalltalk language, Obj-C has more focus on graphics functions and display. It is the original basis of applications made for iOS and Mac OS X and object-oriented. Swift’s in the replacement process.


Swift is the new Apple’s programming language. There is no better option if your goal is to focus on iOS devices. Recently, Apple announced that Swift will be open source. The measure seeks to increase the number of developers and make it the most popular language for software development and mobile applications.


Just like Obj-C is for Apple, C# is for Microsoft. However, the company founded by Bill Gates has not fared very well in the mobile development. Still, the credibility established by Windows is huge and you can not rule it out in any way. So if you want to develop applications that cover the most popular system in the world it is better to include the C# language in your list.

Finally, these are the main programming languages for mobile development. Remember not to take into account only the personal taste, but the ultimate goals and the platforms you want to achieve. So before you start developing your app it is also very important to understand the differences between native and hybrid apps.

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Originally published at on May 17, 2017.