The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It)
Rachel Thomas

After nearly 20 years in tech, I can say that I personally have felt pressure to leave over the last 5 years. Its been a variety of issues: men getting credit for my work, men pitching my ideas and having them celebrated, men and women acting hostile, upset about my presence, comments about my seniority title (lead or senior engineer), blatant sexism, and the good old boys club. Thats once I get in the door, mind you; interviews themselves mean a guantlent of their own filled with bias. Even if 5–6 are involved in my hiring, the remaining 20 on the team may not accept me. If I have problems with culture, or fitting in, there is no where for me to turn to. Men with a family are put in priority over me because I’m “taking their jobs.” The problem, in my eyes, is because I’m no longer young, junior, and thin; plus having virtually no support from HR, or the culture in itself. I have talent. I just have less value to a company due to not being young, junior, and thin; or fresh out of college. I have worked long and hard for my career, and now its being taken away from me due to bias. This has devastated me beyond words.

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