Causes of Acne, Melbourne Sufferers Need to Know

While there are many different acne treatments available, if you can avoid a breakout, your skin will appreciate it. There are some common causes of acne breakouts that are often overlooked, but could mean that by making some basic changes to your lifestyle, you can minimise your acne.

Pash Rash:

If your boyfriend has stubble or a beard, it could be a major factor of your acne. Melbourne acne sufferers need to realise that when your smooth hair is rubbed against hairy skin, it creates friction that stimulates oil production and encourages a breakout. If you can’t get enough of the Ryan Gosling Notebook look, get your man to condition his beard with moisturiser or coconut oil to soften the hair so that you can kiss in comfort.

Spicy Foods:

When you think about causes of acne, Melbourne sufferers often blame greasy, junk food. However, it could actually be your love of spicy food that is causing the problem. Spicy foods often contain peppers and tomatoes that contain lycopene. This is an acidic compound that can be an irritant, affecting skin pH levels to trigger an acne breakout. How your skin reacts to spicy food will depend on your own body makeup, but it is worth keeping a note of when you eat spicy food and if a breakout quickly follows.

Pore Clogging Products:

If you have acne and acne scars, it is tempting to try to cover up. Unfortunately, many lotions and products that are heavy moisturisers can clog the pores and cause a breakout. Other ingredients that can cause pore clogging problems include silicones. To minimise the risks of a breakout, try to limit your use of skin care products to those that are specifically formulated to avoid pore clogging. They are usually labelled as non comedogenic, so look for at your product labels carefully.

Too Much Spot Treatment:

If you are being a little too enthusiastic with your spot treatments, you could actually be making your acne problems worse. If you overuse benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid based over the counter treatments, it can cause the skin to dry out. Since these ingredients can slightly burn the top layers of your skin, it can not only encourage oil production but make your pimples appear redder and more angry.

Instead of using a spot treatment, try using a little hydrocortisone cream. This will reduce redness and inflammation, without encouraging oil production.

If you are having problems with acne, Melbourne sufferers should speak to us. We can offer acne scar treatment options to minimise the appearance of your acne and Acne Treatments to help prevent future breakouts. The Totally Skin & Beauty team is also available to address any concerns or queries you may have.