Hooked on Vermont: a Q&A with Julia Clancy, Resident Vermont Guru

Nicole Campoy Jackson
Mar 31 · 9 min read
Via Flickr, Stanley Zimny

Q: First, what brought you to Vermont? Where exactly were you?

Via Flickr, Kim Davies

Q: Where are you and what are you doing now?

Q: Most surprising thing(s) you ate in Vermont?

Via Flickr, Paul Moody

Q: What food do you miss most from your time in VT?

Q: Ok, let’s talk about restaurants. Can you please give us a list of your favorites in VT?

Q: So, my vision of Vermont (I’ve been once) is that it’s full of small towns with no shortage of charming specialty shops: farm stands, bakeries, breweries, third wave coffee shops…Is that true?

Via Flick, Bev Norton

Q: Lastly, what’s one thing you don’t miss about VT?

Nicole Campoy Jackson

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Food, travel, and fashion writer and editor at Ralph Lauren, Fodor's, HuffPo, Eater, and more. Now, I'm the founder of To Taste.

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