What a year

Nicole Campoy Jackson
Jun 6 · 2 min read

Letter from the editor

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Where were you on June 7, 2018 at 9pm PST? I’ll always know where I was: To Taste was born. We were properly (like, properly) introduced to the world the next morning at about 5am PST with a story in Fast Company. A dream.

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that we launched into the world on the same day we all heard the tragic, gut-punching news of Anthony Bourdain’s death. A strange day ensued. One of shock, pride, heavy sadness. It kicked off a year of realizing how important it is (and was to Mr. Bourdain) to lean into our passions, to explore and taste and talk to people and cook for people.

So we did. We all did. We started the year cooking with Kameryn Tanita, Erinn Simon, Yasmin Fahr, Ali Rosen, Mary McDonald, and chef Neal Fraser. We replaced carbs with cauliflower, thanks to Justin Chapple. I personally did a laptop-dance when Erin and Agatha from Ovenly shared their blueberry cornflake muffins recipe and when chef Marc Murphy was like, hey, here’s my perfect roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables. And screamed a little when Dorie Greenspan and Chrissy (motherfucking) Teigen shared recipes from their books.

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I screamed a lot when we reached 1,000 accounts on-site. I clap (literally, physically) every time I see a tweaked recipe. I am thrilled when I get emails from you all wondering if and when we might launch a new feature you’d like to see. I digitally high fived the team when we were recognized for our design on CSS, Awwwards, and Mindsparkle.

So, here I am, writing an extra letter this month (deal with it!) to say…let’s celebrate our anniversary with cake (Odette! So good!), cake (Zoe’s new here and we needed her), cake (Jessie Sheehan, if I could eat that picture…), cake (Brittany, you genius), and cake (Julia, I think we’re falling in love). And mezcal.

A toast and big thanks to you for being here and being food-obsessed. Here’s to many, many more recipe tweaks and laptop-dances.

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