My Anecdote

Frustration. Disappointment. Loss of Hope. Negativity.

All of the aforementioned feelings could easily destroy the unknown future that is set before you, sabotaged by the negative worms carving into dark crevices in your brain.

Burrowing deep and leaving little room for doubt, outside of the self-doubt manifested, the negativity clings to any available surface and waits for its opportunity to flourish.

I refuse to let it fester and grow. Like an unwanted memory or an annoying song repeating endlessly in your mind, the negative thoughts aim to only discourage forward progress.

It’s no secret that life is not simple or easy. There’s no magic number that aligns the moon and stars with Pluto and Jupiter to decide humanities fate. Instead, it is what we make it.

Every fall and every failure is a chance to learn. Every life altering event is an opportunity to change the way you perceive and accept things, all the while creating a newer, better version of you.

Even when it seems as if the world is against you and you’re destined to live impoverished or in despair, there’s always a positive to come out of the situation. To believe it gets better is to focus positive faith outward and therefore, bring a positive change to your life.

As you begin to read the posts to follow, it may seem wild that I still believe we all are destined for success, how I still feel that in life we deserve nothing but are entitled to manifest and receive what we desire.

To share this [true] tale, I’ve decided to post here the events that have occurred and have yet to shake my foundation. The mind blowing but factual account of a family trying to do nothing more than once again become a whole unit and reunite, finally.

I won’t say how often I’ll post, I know I won’t follow the schedule consistently if I do. I’d rather post as I am inspired and allow the moment to come full circle in creating, editing, and polishing each memory as clearly and of course, accurately as possible. hopefully

My goal is not to gain sympathy and pity in the “woe is me” fashion. It is to share hope with someone reading this so they may will feel less alone in their struggles.

May you see the journey through a new perspective and gain an iota of hope for the future.

This is my anecdote.