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Totem OS 1.01 Launch — It’s almost here 🦾

Totem Announces the Launch of Totem XR. A Social Metaverse with Rewards for XOiD Holders and beyond



That’s right, on March 31st the Totem OS 1.01 will officially launch. Here’s what you need to know about the features and nuanced components of the game.

What is an AXIS?

This is the main focus for the Totem OS 1.01 and one of the most important features. The AXIS homepage (control center) is where users will come to participate in all the AXIS has to offer.

What is the XOiD AXIS? (AXIS 001)

XOiD AXIS is one of the flagship features in Totem OS 1.01.

Axis, Totem’s social dashboard and toolset, will enable you to chat with other community members (soon) and get exclusive access to events and tools.

The launch of AXIS will immerse users in a graphically rich experience with many more features to come in the future. Users will connect their wallet in order to unlock the homepage (the control center) where they can participate in all AXIS has to offer.

The XOiD AXIS is a new way for users to interact with their digital life. It is a central hub that allows users to connect with their favorite apps, services, and content. The XOiD AXIS is designed to be highly personalized and customizable, so that each user can make it their own.

The XOiD AXIS has many features that make it an essential part of the Totem OS 1.01 experience. One of the most important features is the ability to connect with your favorite apps and services. The XOiD AXIS makes it easy to find and connect to the Totem metaverse.

Another important feature of the XOiD AXIS is the ability to personalize and customize your XOiD. Upgrade your XOiD with in-game artifacts.

This makes it easy to get the most out of the XOiD AXIS and make it work for you.

XOID Missions

Prepare for the first XOiD mission.

The first XOiD mission is called “INITIOS.” You can find it in the XOiD mission tab of the AXIS. In this mission, you’ll need to use your observational skills to help unravel the mystery of the strange objects that have landed.

What you’ll need

To participate in a XOiD mission, you’ll need to stake 3 XOiDs. While XOiD gender has no bearing on rewards and mission completion, rarity will have a significant impact on rewards.

It’s important to note that rarity traits will play a critical role in mission success. So, be sure to choose your XOiDs wisely!

How to participate in XOiD missions

Once you have your team of three XOiDs, you can access the mission by navigating to the “XOiD Missions” tab in AXIS. From there, select the mission you wish to participate in and follow the instructions.

How to stake your XOiD

Staking your XOiD will be outlined in the AXIS dashboard once you’ve connected the platform with your wallet.

Staking period lockup

Staking your XOiD is a simple process. (link to AXIS Page or Mission) To begin each mission, one must stake a XOiD. The staked XOiD cannot be traded until the mission is completed. Mission 1: INITIOS will last 30 days.

Potential rewards

Earn up to 16,000 CTZN in the first mission! Upon staking your XOiDs, they will need to remain in your wallet for the duration of the mission. Upon the completion of the mission rewards will be distributed to your wallet in the form of CTZN.

Enter XR

Totem XR is the perfect place for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike who want an immersive and visually stunning experience.

However, gameplay is only a part of what makes XR so unique. XR will eventually integrate with the full Totem OS ecosystem as well as the Obtain tool (for collecting rewards and in-game artifacts).


The starmap will showcase the Lore of the Totem metaverse. Additionally, the starmap will contain the Lexicon for planets and XOIDS.

Initially, only one planet will be available. More planets will come at a later date as your XOID completes missions and uncovers new information.

Each planet will have a different environment, creatures, and challenges to overcome. The starmap will be your primary source of information for navigating the Totem metaverse.

The Lore of the Totem metaverse is a deep and intricate story that will take you on an adventure across different planets. Each planet will have its own unique environment, creatures, and challenges to overcome. The starmap will be your primary source of information for navigating the Totem metaverse. Be sure to check back often for updates, as the space will gamify Totem lore.

Obtain Tool

Simple stated, Obtain is a way for users to claim/obtain their rewards and giveaways from other players. Mission rewards may include hologenetiX, Meka Kubes, Collectible NFTs or $CTZN which can be redeemed on the platform’s marketplace.

Obtain will allow NFT owners to view eligible and active claims as well as airdrops. This will help to streamline the process of redeeming rewards and give users a better idea of what they can expect.

Additionally, it will provide transparency to the community as a whole by showing which tasks have been completed and which ones are still in progress. We believe that this will create a more engaged and cooperative environment.

Additional features of the Obtain tool include:

  • The ability to buy and sell NFTs, as well as display them on your Totem dashboard and in XR
  • Forge NFTs, by creating real world representations of digital artwork.
  • Emphasis on high utility, not speculation. In addition to forging, NFTs can give you access to different areas of Totem, as well as a host of other rewards.
  • Curation for quality and community. We empower and onboard exceptional artists into web3.
  • Forged Artwork is forged using only high quality materials, whether that be eco gold, hand painted canvas, organic clothing, and more.

The primary benefit of this feature is to claim rewards from Totem XR (extended reality) and Web 3.0 all in one place, all on Totem OS.


As you can tell, we’re very excited about the launch of the Totem OS 1.01. We hope you are too! Be sure to check out the AXIS and Obtain features, as well as the rest of the Totem OS 1.01 experience.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for new missions, rewards, and challenges in the weeks and months to come!

Thank you for your continued support!