Totem: The Gamification and Socialization of Giving

“Thinking about measuring value on metrics other than just money and providing a way for people to give back and get something back in return; not necessarily money but maybe it’s a prize, the good feelings you get from making a difference in the community. I feel like we kind of need that especially in this day and age with so much negative stuff going on in social media… Our tagline is “the feel good feed” because we want to make people feel better about themselves”

-PJ Harris, Totem

We are dawning on a new age of philanthropy. Gone are the days of the top-hatted millionaire building a library for a tax break. These days it is millennials, a generation that seeks meaning in their lives and work more than any generation before them, that fuel everyday giving. The trick is, and what the Totem team seeks to solve, is how to harness that enthusiasm into large scale philanthropy that might be on the scale of our top-hatted friend, but rather than a small group giving huge donations, it is large numbers of contributors giving small amounts. But it doesn’t end there. Totem promises to turn the philanthropy formula on its ear by introducing a gamefication element to giving and making the whole process fun for everyone. It’s a wonderful idea and I’m extremely excited to see its February release. Check out the site here, track their progress and keep an eye out for the release.

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

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