Mingo — The Usable MongoDB GUI

The first release of Mingo is out. It’s still in Beta, but already loaded with features unseen in well-knows MongoDB GUIs.

Our goal is to create a reliable, good-looking and easy-to-use app that would solve our own struggles with existing MongoDB GUIs.

Main features include:

  • Projects — GUI the way we want it to work
  • Tabs just like in a browser
  • Table & tree view combined
  • Selector history and bookmarking your searches
  • Human-readable dates in selector, e.g. {createdAt: #thisWeek}
  • Inline editing
  • Undo functionality

Currently working on:

  • Mongo shell
  • Database, collection, index manipulation
  • Aggregator
  • Mouse-less usage with keyboard shortcuts
  • Data imports
  • Schema analyzer and schema validation
  • …and whatever you (users) may come up with

Mingo is currently free. Once a stable feature-packed version is available, Mingo will be for 10 Euro per year.

We appreciate any feedback, feature requests and issues / bugs.

You can download the app on https://mingo.io/

Please, report issues here: https://github.com/mingo-app/mingo