Alpha Theory…

Could one’s mind ever figure out the beginning? A theory, is this what we are? Religion and science have placed us in between faith and hypotheses, beliefs and philosophies of theories of the beginning and how it came to be. The lack of understanding, reason and incertitude within human beings will continue to produce a stereotype of the purpose of Earth and its inhabitants.

Knowledgeably, one can decipher the cause and meaning behind every created, living thing. The average individual will absorb any information that is hollow, suitable or bequeathed to them. The fabricated words are eagerly spoken, divine marvel is commonly denied, and the facts are sometimes withheld. As the Earth withers, reality will soon be revealed. I believe we are much more than a theory. Whatever you believe or do not believe, the one and most important purpose we have is sustainability of all living things. Live on Earth in a way that allows us to use its resources without depriving future generations of those resources. 🌎

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