Late Spring Clean On My iMac

first time medium writing.. please take it easy one us!

so took some time organising my mac today. Organised bookmarks, configured mutile desktops (soo good it’s no longer limited) and arranged my windows to stick and float in the background. Mac has got a nice layout, but window management is still a bit clunky. Thanks for a little free software tool called Alfoat. Now I can stream multiple channels on my desktops and work inbetween windows. Check out my latest how to youTube video Let’s see if we can embed also here..

*didn’t work. if someone found out how to embed youtube, please comment.

My Google Chrome bookmarks bar is also shaping up quite neat and colourful using the favicons available. Zurich was the only financial institution to not support this. Hence the “Z” next to the blank page.

pretty bookmark bar with favicons… damn you Zurich!

Have you done anything to clean up your desktop or browser or your mac generally lately? Keep your suggestions & comments coming.

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