Why I always hold the door open.

WARNING: I do not have a door fetish. I just really like doors.

Let it be known that progression of any magnitude should occur. Progression of family relationships, progression at the gym, school, work, anywhere. I love seeing progress be made, not that it signals change, but for something far more valuable.

The open door.

An open door. In short, beautiful. Powerful. Limitless.

As a university student, a frontier of intellectual development and a font of knowledge, there has never been more closed doors before. People claim all sorts of ridiculous dilemmas that prevent them from walking through an open door.

“My parents warned me about these doors.”

Yes, the bathroom door is terrifying. Be very afraid.

I am a firm believer in keeping the most amount of doors open as possible and go through as many doors as possible. This helps you shape experiences, opinions. This leads to the formation of ideas and the appreciation of why that door is open. I do not think you should close a door on anyone. You should leave it open for as long as you can and hope they will walk through it and learn or consider something that had not even come close to thinking about.

Tell people about the doors you have danced through, and the doors you cried through. The doors that taught you about yourself and the doors that helped you teach others.

Just do the world a favor and never shut the door when someone is looking in. You might think that that door has bad hinges, a doorknob that doesn’t always turn the smoothest, or even do not like what is on the other side of the door.

But that is okay. Doors were designed to be open and closed by each individual person through their choice. Just be sure that when you a hold a door open for someone and they benefit from it, make sure they say “thank you”.

“The heart is the strongest muscle” — Braum
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