Scalability on Ethereum is potentially years away, but dApp adoption is just around the corner. VeChain is a fully featured smart contract platform based on the EVM and is a perfect match for decentralized applications seeking usage today.

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Why VeChain?

VeChain is a smart contract platform with an emphasis on adoption and user-experience. It uses a variant of DPoS as its consensus mechanism to enable high throughput and easy upgradability. Instead of reinventing the wheel, VeChain utilizes the EVM and supports the web3 standard.

Most importantly, VeChain is the only smart contract platform with native fee delegation and other meta transaction features…

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VIP191 is an upgrade proposed by Totient that adds generalized native fee delegation to the Vechain blockchain. This innovative feature allows anyone to use a decentralized application regardless of their knowledge of blockchain technology by removing the toughest barriers for adoption.

While the Multi-party Payment Protocol (MPP) has been instrumental in building the first wave of usable dApps, its use cases are limited. VIP191 generalizes this functionality to open up many new possibilities for developers.

How it works

VIP191 allows someone other than the sender to co-sign a transaction in order to pay for the transaction fee, also known as a Designated Gas…

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Comet is a native wallet for your web browser that enables direct communication with the VeChainThor blockchain. Comet provides developers with a powerful platform to create and distribute dApps, and a familiar environment for users to experience the many benefits of blockchain applications.

DApps bring more secure and transparent solutions to their centralized counterparts. Decentralized exchanges, crypto collectibles, and prediction markets are just a few examples of the many kinds of dApps.

Unlocking VeChainThor for developers.

VeChainThor is a robust blockchain platform with many innovations that transform the capabilities of dApps, but there hasn’t been a straightforward way for developers to create and distribute…


Totient is an activist crypto hedge fund and blockchain venture studio.

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