The Totipay Network recently hosted a 2-day networking event on the sidelines of Seamless Payments 2018 in Dubai. They engaged with delegates and speakers on the conference agenda — the future of payments, banking and fintech. As a new fintech start up, Totipay team found the conference very relevant and it sparked a lot of interesting conversations especially as to our very own concern — the future of money transfer.

We also had the opportunity to share our roadmap and plans to expand globally with delegates who attended our networking event. We shared how we will leverage the power of block chain technology to revolutionalise the currently slow and expensive money transfer business. We also shared our new strategic partnership with Global Commodities Investment Ltd and how we are partnering to provide TPX token holders with additional security with the allocation of gold bullion for a minimum purchase of 1000 USD worth of TPX Tokens. …

Totipay is a UK based FinTech start up in the online remittance business. It aims to revolutionalise the money transfer business by offering a simple, easy to use, cost effective solution by leveraging the power of block chain technology. Through Totipay, people can transfer, receive and trade in, multiple currencies, whether they are fiat currencies or crypto currencies.

We are excited about our strategic partnership with Global Commodities Investment Ltd (GCIL), the well-established precious metal brokers and bullion investment specialists and the benefits it will present to our token holders.

Under the terms of the partnership with GCIL, customers who purchase a minimum of 1000 USD worth of TPX tokens in the Totipay Network will be offered a bonus of 10% of their purchase value in gold bullion. This gold bullion bonus is over and above all the TPX tokens they are entitled to. All gold is fully insured by Lloyds of London and will be stored in BRINKS’ secure storage facility. All the gold purchased is London Bullion Market Association approved. …

The Global Remittance Opportunity & how we will serve it?

Millions of people around the world are global citizens today with a footprint in more than one country. World Bank (WB) quotes over 250 million international migrants in their indepth report on remittances. They often maintain close ties with loved ones back home and even assist them with regular infusions of funds. This may be as often as once a month or quarter or perhaps occasional money transfers for important occasions like birthdays and weddings.

The World Bank has projected global remittance flows to reach USD 596 billion attributing it to the stronger economic growth in the European Union, the Russian Federation & the United States. This is a positive trend and benefits country economies around the world in general & emerging economies in specific. …


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