Love from me to me — top 10 “me time” tips

This week I put out a call for help, a call to ask how we can help to help ourselves.

It’s not always easy to switch off as a parent, to take time out to focus totally on yourself. I wanted to know how busy parents out there do spend those precious few moments, what they do to relax and to feel like themselves again.

Here are your top 10 tips for “me time” —

Getting a haircut! Yep, it might seem a usual event to many but to a harassed mum, or dad, some time out for a haircut can be a rare occurrence and a bit of a treat. I think I’ve managed it twice since my son was born, he’s now two! I definitely plan on doing this very soon, some uninterrupted time sat down with a hot drink whilst someone looks after you, heaven!

Sewing. So this one takes a bit of prior preparation and planning but the satisfaction of having created something is fantastic. I used to sew BC (before child) and when I look back at the things I made it takes me back to where I was in my life and 100 other memories of that time, it’s really lovely to have that from something I’ve made. If you are interested in taking up sewing I can highly recommend The Textile Workshop in Nottingham for classes.

Listening to music. Such a simple activity but how often do any of us actually turn off the TV, the phone and the computer to just sit and listen to our favourite music? The only time I seem to listen to music these days is in the car on the nursery run. It’s something I could easily take 10 mins out for when winding down before going to bed so I will be giving this a go.

Treating yourself at home. A hot chocolate, a bubble bath, actually getting to use all the lovely products I got for Christmas and an early night, yes please!

Pampering. Ellie from The Mummy Diary recommended taking some time out for a manicure. The constant cycle of nappy changing and hand washing has left my hands looking more handy man than glam so I think this is a great idea.

Online shopping. It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while or even just to do a little bit of online window shopping. I inevitably end up buying for the kid rather than myself. It’s worth it though because I’m damn sure I’m going to make the most of dressing him in cute little Pom Pom hats before he’s old enough to fight back ;)

Running. Lots of friends tell me that going for a run really clears their head and that they always feel so much better and more motivated afterwards. It’s never been something I’ve gotten into but I do love a swim. I can see that exercise in general can give you that bit of time and space from everyday life to reflect, gather your thoughts and get back on top of things.

Reading. I used to get through books like no-ones business but now the chance to have time to read a book is a bit of a novelty. So sitting down to read does feel a bit indulgent and a bit special. I have a huge pile to get through so I’m going to start carrying one in my bag. Then, when I find myself stuck in a queue at the doctors I can turn a frustrating situation into an opportunity for some me time.

Writing. I like to write stuff down, especially memories, things that I, and my family, will be able to look back on in years to come. I find it quite relaxing and as my memory isn’t the greatest it’s satisfying to know it’s down on paper.

Last but not least… having that special bit of quiet time all to yourself with your favourite drink or box of chocolates… or both! 😉

Many thanks to all contributors for your fab ideas!

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