Spreading happiness, like a dark knight

This is an article about a small first world problem. Something very little and seemingly unimportant.

Along any road, be it village or city there’s a ditch, a lawn or a gutter. It can be pretty or at least more pleasant to look at, if it’s clean. All right.

Now and again people are morons and they tend to litter, during their moron-ness. A lot of things beats me up inside, and littering is one of them.

Bloody scoundrels, they are.

is what I thought as I was strolling along the road, enjoying a nice lawn with a pretty little hedge and some spring flowers popping up about it, and spotted an empty can of Carlsberg Export in the grass.

Sure thing, I get it people like going out, walking in gangs and they might have brought a can or two with them, I’m not ranting about that. I’m ranting about those who throw something on the ground. People who throw something non-decomposable outside. It has to lay there, until someone eventually will bother to pick it up, because either it’s their job or they are tired of looking at it.

What you do, when you throw something like a can on the ground, is telling to everyone who spots that can in the ditch:

You pick it up.
I’m too lazy to throw it in the bin, 50 yards away, so you do it instead.
If you so much care about the environment, damn tree-hugger, you deal with it. Because I don’t care.

I understand that there will always be people in the world, who simply does not care. There will be people whose lives are so messed up, that a can in the ditch is nothing to them. I understand that.

Littering is a first world problem. Something to deal with once you have everything else set up and in order. That’s why this an article about such a small problem, that it’s just pointless to start making up rules and laws about. You shouldn’t be fined for littering. It’s just stupid.

You should get a slap in the face and a wedgie, though.

Littering sends out a message that we don’t care about our society. It sends out a message that our capitalist-consumer lifestyle is just rotten and has no future. That it’s going downhill and it’ll always be like that. It just makes people sad, that is.

Littering spreads sadness.

I don’t want to make you all conscious and aware about a whole new matter like all the other millions of articles on the internet about things that needs changing.

I just want you to know, or at least strengthen that sense in you, that tells you that a small thing might mean a lot if everyone is doing it.

I don’t know, I’m just a guy who loves recycling and feeling that things are sustainable. That things can go on for at least a few more hundred years without everywhere looking like the dumps of India.

If you pick up that discarded, used can of beer, it won’t be there for the next person to spot, and be discouraged by. The next person won’t have to think about it and feel that society is going downhill. I realize the similarity isn’t perfect but be like Batman when you find a piece of litter: Clean it up, even though you probably won’t get the credit for it or even see the results of it.