Redefining Gaming

An in depth philosophical analysis of gaming

I’m a gamer.
I’ve been a warrior, reached max level, shot a zombie.
I’ve conquered and I’ve been defeated and have won and lost.
I’ve lived the fictional lives of protagonists through the greatest tales.
I’ve dedicated over 20,000 hours just playing computer games.
And you’re probably thinking “Those are some hefty standards in order to be considered a gamer.
But the thing is,
You’re a gamer too.

You see, a game shouldn’t be exclusively associated with the entertainment gaming consoles and it’s complimentary parts because, in fact, warfare is actually a game too. (Yeah, that got dark real fast)

In fact, any type of individual situation or a chain of circumstances based on the decisions made that yields a favorable or punishable result is a game; and with the example above — When two nations go to war and each nation must make strategic decisions in order to outplay their opponent, they’re actually playing a game with each other. When you’re given a set of objectives to complete at school, whether it be finishing homework or completing a project, yes, you’re actually playing a game. When you’re driving to school or work, you guessed it, you’re actually playing a game.

Still not getting the logic? Here, what if I created a simple simulation game for the PC of just driving and commuting to work — would it make sense that the simulation of driving is considered a game, but the real life action is not? Remember that a game is a circumstance in which objectives are needed to be completed, and that the objectives in driving are clear: you need to get from A to B — and that this single objective is enough for driving to be considered a game.

So, let’s say an interactive simulation was made for drag racing, would then the best performers of the simulation be able to perform well in real life drag racing? — granted that the interactive simulation emulates the real life action of drag racing almost perfectly. And to expand this thought, think about it in vice versa: Would the world’s best drag racers do well in the simulations? I think it’s reasonable to say that they would although simulations today do not grant the best emulation of whatever they’re trying to simulate, but if it was granted that the emulation simulated drag racing almost interchangeably with the real life action, then it is more than reasonable to say that a good drag race simulation gamer is a good drag racer. After all, as technology advances, our ability to emulate reality will become much more easier.

The Gamer Breed

It’s growing.
In the last 10 years, the gaming industry has grown twice as big and it’s nowhere near reverting, gamers are now considered athletes, and some of these gamers are actually getting paid like professional athletes. However, the stereotypical impression that video games tend to give off is an unfair judgement — When there are athletes who practice a sport 6 hours a day and we treasure them, but when it comes to gamers, often times, when they play a game 6 hours a day, we see that as someone who wastes time.

And it’s actually quite easy to deduce the reason of this: libido.

When we see athletes perform with their godlike body aesthetics and almost divine athleticism, we are biologically attracted to things that look good and my do those athletes look good. Just because I’m a straight male, it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate those whole sculpt their bodies well. In fact, most straight males are able to tell the myriad of benefits of having godlike athleticism and body of a Grecian God. In fact, this is how the world revolves today — that even though you may not be a good singer, if you have the characteristic and the good looks, Industries like Disney will hire you and work with you on your voice. I’d love to dive more into my thoughts about libido and how the influence of a sex drive might actually be deteriorating our conscience, but I’d like to get to the point at hand, and that is — that there are unsung benefits of being a gamer.

What benefits? Well, let me ask you who you would have as the general of your army — An average professional basketball player, who has majored, but not finished, in sports psychology or sociology, or would you rather have the person who studies on a daily basis : the benefits of fighting uphill, strategic ways of flanking your opponent, micromanaging units, macro managing battalions, and most importantly, how to win warfare. It’s no brainier — gamers excel in making strategic decisions because it’s all they do while playing games: trying to make the best decisions possible.

And the community…

Most have heard the ruthless and unforgiving communities in online games, in fact out of all the online communities I have been a part of, online game communities have actually been the most stressful and tormenting due to the demand of winning and anonymity (you’re more of an asshole when you’re anonymous).

However, I love communities like these, and the reason why is because communities that are built upon competition and just absolute savage characteristics actually weed out the weak. I’ve known people quit gaming altogether just because of the communities — that there were cases of flaming and just verbal abuse to the point that individuals could not take it anymore, and honestly those individuals are fucking weak. What you going to make a drastic decision just because some fourteen year old kid told you that he fucked your mom? Please, if you’re not emotionally strong enough to take some verbal harassment, then you were not mean to be a part of our elite breed, our thick skinned breed. And so the community will continually weed out the weak and keep the strong because that’s how this community works — Those who can take an emotional beating will stay, and those who can’t will go cry to their mothers.

The Asian Heritage

Physicality is completely overrun with Africans and African-Americans and it has given them the stereotype that they are the most physically endowed race and that this is primarily attributed to all the professional sports and its viewership all around the globe. If professional gaming has the same amount of viewership as professional sports, there is no doubt in my mind that Asians and some European countries will grab the stereotype of being the most intelligent and the most capable of making good decisions in critical times.

Here we have the opportunity to showcase the Asian race because of how superior we are in playing games and making good decisions, and yet I see people of our own skin color looking down on the gaming industry and its supporters. How shameful — The Asian people have given the chance to show the world what we can do and all they have to do is support it, but instead they treat it like garbage. And with that being said, I look to those Asians as garbage material as well.

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