Tech Touch 2020 Agenda

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Tech Touch online conference is happening on 29–31 May

We are glad to welcome you on a journey through the program of Tech Touch conference:

29 May
Day 1

12:00–12:20 | Welcome word by organisers
12:20–12:50 | Antonio Nasuto, IBM, Accelerate Agility and Efficiency with Cloud (talk + Q/A session)
13:00–13:25 | Victor Riparbelli, Synthesia, Synthetic Media (talk)
13:50–14:50 | Katherine Luchaninova, Aligned Research Group, Roadmap to Success (workshop with homework)
15:00–15:30 | Hans Uszkoreit, GIANCE, Lenovo, AI for Enterprise Intelligence (talk + Q/A session)
15:30–16:30 | Lunch Break — Healthy food master class with Gastronaut
(stream of cooking master class)
16:30–17:10 | Alex Serdiuk, Respeecher, Using audio synthesis techs in the content creation (talk + Q/A session)
19:00–19:40 | Panel discussion: Space is open for business
Valerie Sarle, VSpace Media (moderator), Stephan Reckie, Angelus Funding, Brandon Seifert, GEN Space, Gregory H. Johnson, Former Executive Director of the ISS National Laboratory, Astronaut.
(panel discussion + Q/A session)
19:40–21:00 | Live discussion / networking

30 May
Day 2

13:00–13:30 | Guillaume Schaer, EYFARI Charters, Future of travel (TBC)(talk + Q/A session)
13:40–14:10 | Mikkel Preisler, Asana, Managing remote sales teams and building a sales process (talk)
14:30–15:00 | Q/A session for startups, Mikkel Preisler, Asana
15:20–16:00 | Gerard Michael MacCarthy, IMPACT GUIDANCE, Startup Survival: Pitching — be your own Devil’s Advocate before someone else is (talk + Q/A session)
16:10–16:40 | Nana Dikhaminjia, Ilia State University, Trends and challenges in Education Technologies (talk + Q/A session)
16:50–17:30 | Olzhas Satiyev, WebTotem, Why Cybersecurity is important for startups (talk + Q/A session)
17:40–18:10 | Keti Meparishvili, TWINO, Navigating in uncertain Fintech Landscape (talk + Q/A session)
18:10–19:10 | Dinner break — Healthy food master class with Gastronaut (stream of cooking master class)
19:10–20:00 | Fireside chat: AI for Social Good
Devin Krotman & Neama Dadkhahnikoo from XPRIZE Foundation, Alina Rozanova, Touch (moderator)
20:10–20:40 | Andrey Pavlenko,, How to build the right platform for e-commerce processes scaling (talk + Q/A session)
20:40–22:00 | Live discussion and networking

31 May
Day 3

13:00–13:30 | Tomaz Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona — IAAC, Distributed Design and Emergent Futures. Digital Fabrication as an enabler of the third digital revolution (talk + Q/A session)
13:40–14:10 | Closed Q/A session for startups by Adi Rabinovich, Samsung Electronics, Mobile Technologies (registration is obligatory:
14:10–14:40 | Itay Zetelny , E&Y, Open innovation (talk + Q/A session)
14:50–15:30 | IQ Sayed , Circ, TECH for shared micro-mobility: Building Large-scale Real-time Consumer Services with User-centered Design (talk + Q/A session)
16:10–16:50 | Megane Dreyfuss,, WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO UNIVERSITY! (talk + Q/A session)
17:00–17:40 | Irakli Vekua, EBG.GE, How to scale Georgian company to Europe (talk + Q/A session)
17:50–18:20 | Feedback session by Katherine Luchaninova, Aligned Research Group (feedback to the workshop results)
18:20–19:20 |
Dinner break — Healthy food master class with Gastronaut (stream of cooking master class)
19:20–19:50 | Giorgi LaliashvilI, Stack, The Future of Work (talk + Q/A session)
20:00–20:40 | Business digitalisation round table by Touch, Visa and others
20:40–23:00 | Virtual afterparty by Cocktail factory (online cocktail master class)

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