Makeup for men: A perfect application to have in every men’s mobile device

Many picture editing applications are present on Google App Store that helps people edit their ordinary looking images taken from their Smartphones with the help of brilliant effects and accessories, and give them a completely new look good enough to be praised number of people on social networking websites. However, only a handful of them are specially designed to allow men and boys beautify their images. It is a known fact that girls like to transform their images by adding different colors and patterns in their pictures, but boys do not tend to do that. After all, no men would love to put a lipstick or foundation on his face. But doesn’t mean they don’t yearn to appear beautiful and handsome. This is the main reason best makeup for men apps are available for Android and iOS.

The Male makeup application is a perfect tool for men and boys to take a right selfie and edit it to a next level. With this app, they can explore a variety of different looks and virtually try each one by only touching their smartphone’s screen a few times. It is a one stop solution to all men’s facial editing needs and aid them in giving themselves a clean and royal look. Below are mentioned some of the most fascinating features of this app that would certainly make you stunned.


1. Wide varieties of effects and colors: Surely men do not want to apply foundation on their face, however, they do wish to clean their face and get rid of any spots and marks. With great effects and colors, you can simply highlight your facial appearance by adjusting the brightness, cleansing the spots and giving your face a similar yet new color.

2. Edit a single face from multi-faced picture: Sometimes, we require to only edit our face rather editing the entire picture including the faces of others. With this app, you can easily select any one face and edit as per your preferences.

3. Predefined edits: You can also give your face a completely new look with just one tap by choosing any one of the predefined facial edits.

4. Add diversified accessories: Now add glasses, wigs, hats, bow, piercing pin and many more from hundreds of styles and colors.

5. Adjust facial expressions: Now adjust your eyebrows, eyelashes, the shape of the nose and lips, change the color of the eyelids and the design of your facial accent by simply selecting the editing features from the menu.

6. Enhance facial appearance: Also add mustaches and beard of different sizes and styles.

7. Download and share your edited picture on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

With such innovative and certainly never seen before features, face makeup for men is undoubtedly a vital application to have in every boys’ smartphone.